MPs Must Fight Back

The state of MPs, bitter at being made to pay back the money they claimed, never expecting to be challenged is pitiful. The bleating and moaning to win sympathy is a major error and a waste of time.

…unless they only care about the money they can soak from the system, that is.

But if that’s the case, why be an MP? There are far easier ways to make a few quid. There is more to this, surely.

The real public anger is not only about the money paid to MPs, or its legality, but also from the feeling that MPs have given up caring, because they have become Party robots, abandoning manifesto promises as if nothing, and signing up with powerful bureaucracies, who incidentally have it as their sole objective to destroy Parliament.

They have allied with the very people intent on their own destruction, which seems none too bright.

What did they expect? A pay-off?


But having been drawn in by the squalor of financial temptation, which it now appears was a false expectation (except that strangely their house flipping is not being challenged – no doubt as that is what the Blairs were doing, and Legg will protect his lords and masters in Brussels at all costs), where is their next step going to be?

The only way back from the brink is for MPs to flex their muscle, assert their power, and show everyone that an MP is not a mere piece of bureaucratic cannon-fodder, whose loyalty is cheaply and easily bought with a mortgage subsidy.

The power that has replaced them is the EU.

The mechanism in which their power has been removed is the Lisbon Treaty.

The only way for MPs to win back respect from the public is to hold an immediate referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The counter attack must be a cross party gathering of support to re-establish the respect of MPs.

The next step would be to move a Bill for pure Proportional Representation.

The third would be a Bill that all MP selections must be made by Open Primary.

The fourth would be to go back to immediate counting of the vote, and a proper system for postal voting, eliminating all electoral fraud.


Let’s see it.

By the way, it’s called democracy.

Once that little matter is dealt with, I don’t think anyone would give one fig what MPs get paid. (or maybe a smaller fig!)

But never mind about money for now.

Listen to how Vaclav Klaus the Czech President expressed the way to go to the European Parliament in February 2009. Follow his example, oh woeful MPs and you will find a better way.


The words which stand out in this speech which was jeered by the MEPs are,

‘without oposition, there is no freedom.’

Now give us freedom, MPs and you too will become, like Vaclav Klaus, heroes, not the villains you have become. The power you must oppose is the EU. There is your task. Go to it!

Here is an MP fighting back and winning – Douglas Carswell.

Extract from Charles Moore in The Telegraph 17th October 2009-

Mr Carswell, on the other hand, is just getting started. It was he, to much tut-tutting from his seniors, who put down the motion of no-confidence in Mr Speaker Martin this summer. He set something in train. Eventually, Mr Martin had to go.

And just in case anyone is wondering, Douglas Carswell was one of the first eurosceptic MPs to back David Cameron’s leadership bid in 2005. He met him at the Party Conference and decided to throw in his lot with him there and then, and has remained loyal to Cameron ever since.

You see, eurosceptics, there is still reason enough to have hope that we will win in the end.

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5 Responses to “MPs Must Fight Back”

  1. Val says:

    I Give A Fig What They STEAL Off Me As Do Manny Others These People Are Scum The Lowest Form Of Pondlife And Should Be Banged Up For Crimes Against The State !

  2. tapestry says:

    Val, I understand your anger, but is your only concern with government about money?

    I guess my idealistic notions about democracy don’t mean much to you.

    I care more about not being controlled by state power, and having a working democracy to rule us.

    What do you think of the Blairs becoming President and First Lady of Europe? Are they pond life in your view? Will that make you angry too?

  3. You make some fair points, but I think you’re off target to presume the money means nothing to people.

    The average person isn’t a political activist like you (and I) and so while they may ‘feel’ something wrong because of what you describe, what really gets their goat is people preaching the high path and taking the low path. Its understandable.

    I like your proposals with the exception of proportional representation – which is the best way to remove all democratic accountability and reduce connectivity with the public.

    The only people who seem to seriously think its a good idea are those who stand to gain from it because they can’t win a straight election as often as they’d like. This, in my opinion, is simple opportunism.

  4. tapestry says:

    Thanks Steve. I see from your blog that you are like-minded with me in many ways.

    The Lib Dems, counterintuitively, would be wiped out by PR as the Greens would depart from voting Lib Dem. That’s why LD came 4th in the Euro elections. There would be no more ‘prostitute’ Parties, pretending to be what they are not.

    Taking the Euro elections as my guide, I see the Conservatives and UKIP as number 1 and 2, and with a myriad of small parties, all eurosceptic, pushing Labour and Lib Dem into permanent europhile minority.

    The eurosceptic British electorate would punish any party that acted in a europhile way, and reward the opposite.

    With FPTP, the media can use the small parties to chip away at the current Conservative majority, and all the pressures are on party leaders to be europhile to keep the media sweet.

    In Britain PR would break the power of the media.

    Otherwise I agree with you.

    The biggest voter in Britain is the non-voter. The non-voter would be inclined to vote for small parties and keep Labour and Lib Dem out of power.

  5. tapestry says:

    Steve – I wrote this on political betting. I’m serious..

    The Irish referendum shows that a government willing to play around with the voting system can win big.

    Fraud is going to play a huge role this time in Britain too. In 2005 the evidence of postal vote fraud was clear. Nothing has been done.

    Now they can ’store’ ballot boxes overnight so there are even more opportunities to rig polls.

    Until there is a proper voting system, Brown can more or less specify what result he wants and get it.

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