Merkel Offers Cameron Electoral Rocket Fuel

The BBC are running as a lead news story today an attempted put-down of David Cameron. The grievance is being expressed by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party, who are mightily miffed, so it seems, that Cameron dared to exit the EPP, and they are clearly now worried by the statements he is making about a possible referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Britain.

This comes hard on the heels of The Sun’s reversal of support back to the Conservatives after 14 years, with the newspaper’s stated reason for moving, being that their readers are aggrieved at not having been offered the referendum they were promised by Labour on the EU’s Constitution. The German Chancellor is obviously trying to keep her Conservative chickens from slipping out of the Lisbon nest.

Merkel is feeling chipper having just won her re-election as Chancellor, and got Germany’s ratification of Lisbon sorted at the same time. Now she and Sarkozy hope to wrap up Ireland today with a rigged vote, if need be, the Czech Republic with pressure, and Poland, they assume, will simply roll over.

They will obviously fire a hail of bloody fury at Cameron were he to dare to stand up to the power of the EU with Lisbon ratified, and start renegotiating Britain’s position.

Merkel is, at this stage, simply firing off a warning shot, hoping to turn Cameron’s ship around before he sails into troubled waters.

Electorally however, doing that could be all that Cameron needs to see off UKIP, consolidate the Conservative vote and win a landslide. He won’t be antagonising Merkel or Sarkozy deliberately, far from it. He’ll be acting the Eton gent.

But if they issue stuffy bureaucratic thinly-veiled threats against Cameron, such as ‘relations are being downgraded’, Cameron’s route to Downing Street will be electrified.

Imagine Blair as President joining in attacking Cameron with Merkel and Sarkozy, sitting in his shiny new Brussels Palace. Cameron will be blasted into the electoral stratosphere, and win a 400 seat majority.

He must be praying for more of the same from the Brussels and European Elites,

as aggressive as they like.

‘Come on, Angie. Hit me, Baby !’

Is Merkel merely making a tit of herself?

Read the BBC trying very hard to wind up Cameron outrage HERE

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