Lisbon Treaty Legalises Paedophilia

This video explains how, in all previous EU Treaties,there was an Article, expressing that the Treaty must be interpreted without prejudice or discrimination to any sexual orientation. There was in every EU Treaty until now, always a protocol added to the ‘sexual orientation’ Article, whereby paedophilia was expressly excluded as a protected sexual orientation.

The Lisbon Treaty, however, is different. Article 21 permits any sexual orientation, as per usual, but, for the first time, the protocol expressly excluding paedophilia is nowhere to be found.

The video commentator thinks this exclusion has something to do with Moslems. I don’t agree. There is already plenty of evidence that countries like Belgium and Germany already tolerate paedophilia, and the Lisbon Treaty is merely expressing the current beliefs of EU lawmakers that paedophilia is a normal human activity, which should not be criminalised.

The implication is that by default, and without any discussion from any signatory to the Treaty, paedophilia is now to be legalised across Europe – or at least as soon as Vaclav Klaus’ signature hits paper.

Paedophilia could be expressly legalised at some future date by majority vote, or a judge could now already state that any discrimination against a paedophile was illegal. EU law, unlike British Common Law, is teleological. The judge does not need a direct statement of clarity. He is able to look at words and interpret them as to what he believes was intended by the original lawmaker, and the intention is clear enough.

If people in Britain knew about this, would they be happy to be signing away their national existence to a new government, the EU, which, the evidence shows, believes paedophilia to be a normal sexual orientation? I doubt it.

See my earlier post on the EU and paedophilia HERE

Read briefly this extract, the words of Madeleine McCann’s mother, Kate –

Child sexual exploitation and child pornography in particular, is sadly and shockingly extensive worldwide. It is a multi-billion dollar industry aided by the use of the Internet with the ‘thirst’ for younger victims growing. Once again, my ‘bubble’ of a life burst as I began to discover the facts relating to this now global crisis.
As we travelled through Europe in an attempt to raise awareness of Madeleine’s abduction and appeal for help, we were repeatedly made aware of the unbelievable existence of such a horrifying activity and its vastness in our so called civilised and ‘child-loving’ society.

How can such ‘businesses’ be condoned or tolerated by us all? What are the benefits for our children of being in a European Union where several member countries offer child pornography as a LEGAL past time?

Lack of sex offender registers, lack of reliable tracking systems for known offenders and no CRB check requirements , not even for those working with children are other major areas of concern within many parts of Europe. posted by Kate HERE.

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10 Responses to “Lisbon Treaty Legalises Paedophilia”

  1. Joe says:

    Any person with any sexual orientation should be protected from discrimination in my view.

    Unfortunately, this orientation (paedophilia) is ONLY regarded as an “action” and not “an attraction” by society as a whole. That shoudn’t be assumed, so paedophiles can and should be protected without having to legalise the “act” of paedophilia aswell. How could an “attraction” be illegal by law or by morality?

  2. kenruss says:

    Paedophilia is pure evil and the criminals that violate children must be all incinerated. This plague stems from the Babylonian Talmud which is now adopted by the major religions of the world. This is why the Vatican is plagued by Jesuit Khazarian paedophiles and the Muslins who chose to do harm to children clearly show their religon as all religions are false and do not come from God, but from the repugnant thoughts of sub human people. If I were God I would pulverize or incinerate these aberrations of nature for they do not deserve to exist.

  3. tapestry says:

    The state protects paedophiles, and according to Brian Gerrish is using the legal system to remove children from families to feed paedophile networks, which he alleges, include some judges in the Family Courts. It seems these characters use the respectability provided either by religion or the law to cover up what they are up to.

    To my mind prevention is the first thing. What to do with people who carry out these acts is obviously highly controversial.

    It is worrying that the EU seems keen to legalise paedophilia and make it easier for paedophiles to get hold of and hurt their victims.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a slight flaw with this article. I’ve checked the previous treaties and there is no mention of any sexual orientation Article anywhere?? Can you tell me where to find it in previous treaties as it appears to be new to the Lisbon Treaty?

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi Tapestry,
    I already watched the video twice, the Lisbon treaty says it is a new Article and there’s no sign of it in previous treaties.
    However, it is still dangerous not to include such a protocol because it does give paedophiles a loophole to start laying claims that paedophilia is a sexual orientation.
    I’d be very interested to see evidence that such a protocol was included in previous treaties, as it would seriously help a campaign i’m undertaking.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I’m sorry. I was dashing yesterday. . I am in Asia currently and don’t have access to home resources. I’ll see if I can find an answer for you. If I was in the UK I’d try Open Europe to see if they could point you in the right direction to find the original reference. Are you the same campaigner Yasin talked of? I originally became interested in this topic when I saw what was happening in Belgium where gangs seize children off the street, who are never seen again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok thank you, I will try OE & yes I am 🙂
    I’m unable to send you an email through this blog, would be good to connect at some point though.
    It’s really not good that child snatching is of such a huge extent in Belgium, headquarters of the EU!!

  8. Tapestry says:

    Usually people say they can’t get comments through but their emails do get here. You’re the first example of one the other way around. I have an @gmail address which you could get from Yasin. Back in UK in May.

  9. Jenny says:

    The irrefutable reason that paedophillia CANNOT be classified as a sexual orientation is the simple fact that their attractions are not reciprocated by their targeted victims. There is a well justified cause for the age of consent and that is to protect children who are not capable of making the informed choice to engage in consensual sexual activity. This makes what paedophiles do RAPE. That is why it can never be justifiably described as an orientation. Bottom line is that it is an abuse. If paedophilia is an orientation then so is rape of an adult and murderous sexual sadism. This argument makes the likes of Fred and Rosemary west, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian huntley, Mark Bridger and many many more nothing short of victims of a terrible miscarriage of justice. How does that sit with you Joe?

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