Lisbon Referendum In Ireland Was Rigged

The turnout figure was given at near 60%.

In fact it was around 40%.

(Dublin was said to be busy, but Dublin Central had a mere 40% turn out, and Dublin South 53%, confirmed by Presiding Officers in individual polling stations prior to the count. More locally confirmed figures expected tomorrow.)

Another 50% of votes were added during the count to the YES totals, doubling their number.

In the film above, it is clear that no attempt was made to hide the total lack of security surrounding the ballot boxes. The lids are open. Boxes are being carried in and out willy-nilly.

You would have thought that if you had decided to fix an election, you would at least hide the evidence. But these EU fraudsters don’t even care.

The turnout was reported before the count at being about 50% across 43 counties. See HERE in the Irish Times. This is the same article reporting the Fine Gael poll at 60% to YES, when the same poll was originally reported on the Irish Times website at 52% to 48%, and later altered to match RTE news bulletins of 60 to 40%.

Taking the turnout figures alone, this tends to confirm that turnout figures grew substantially after the polls were closed, as suspected, and that the real vote was close. Fine Gael are a YES-0supporting political party. So even the 52/48 split might have been wrongly reported in YES’ favour, and a higher turnout figure given, as on the ground reports indicate a lower poll still.

All the evidence points to chicanery and rigging.

See earlier post Irish Police Threaten Referendum Monitors To Back Off.

From daniel 1979 blog

Under Irish law, ballot boxes are required to be delivered by members of the Gardai to the polling stations at 7:00 am on the date the election takes place.

This legal requirement applies to ALL polling in Ireland, whether elections or referendums.

On this occasion, however, the ballot boxes were delivered to the private residences of the polling/Returning Officers, 48 hours prior to the Referendum.

A number of honest Returning Officers formally objected to this BREACH OF PROCEDURE, and to the concomitant prospective breach of security, let alone of the electoral legislation.

We understand that such objections were officially dismissed out of hand on the spurious and diversionary grounds that the ballot boxes possessed no commercial value, so it would be in nobody’s commercial interest to steal them.

The central issue – that since the Irish ballot boxes were delivered 48 hours early they could be ‘stuffed’ with YES votes by returning officers, as routinely happens in places like the former Soviet Republic of Georgia – was of course not addressed.

The Irish voters were given pencils to make their mark on the ballot, even though all Irish electoral ballots are supposed to be filled with black pen.

Almost nobody was asked for any form of ID or information at the polling stations.

The ballot boxes were left unattended and moved about by many people without question.

At least one box in Cork was removed from the count centre by an unknown individual as shown in the attached picture and video link.

Many foreign nationals and others who were not legally entitled to vote voted in this Referendum. Irish Times article “Gardai to investigate suspected vote fraud”, shows seven voters registered to an empty house.


UPDATE – See more detailed figures of turnout HERE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My own investigation of the IRISH ELECTION:
    If you´re willing to kill off 5/6 of the world’s population, would you then hesitate from rigging an election? Forcing through the YES brings a European Mass Strike onto the horizon. Whereas there is an ongoing debate as to whether Lisbon II was rigged or not, the fact that the election took place at all is a violation of core democratic principles, obviously the Brutish Empire was going to let no citizens stand in their way for dictatorship.
    There are several weaknesses in the way in which the elections were conducted, the voting procedures are weak – the boxes are collected by a private company and accompanied on their journey to the count centre with one lone guard. At the count centre they remain overnight before being counted. According to a Fine Gael group, there are as much as 800,000 extra names on the electoral register and a lack of checking ID at the polling stations, which makes real the possibility for fraud.
    A leading member of the PANA, the peace and neutrality alliance said it would have been possible during the whole night from Friday till Saturday, to cast in a vote for the up to 800.000 non-eligible registered voters, and this would explain why the voter-turnout was 5% percent higher than in 2008. He also said that the overall election procedures had been changed for this specific occasion.
    A leading member of Rep. Sinn Fein, mentioned that that he had never witnessed such a media control before. The major news papers in Ireland were closer to being political Yes propaganda-pamphlets and nowhere near being neutral public service instruments. One issue carried no less than 7 editorials with various Yes arguments and non for the No-side.
    The question of these EU referendums are not whether they are a swindle, but rather if the swindle takes places indirectly or directly. As Helga Zepp LaRouche mentions in her call for a German EU-election, the will of the people is being disrespected by almost all of the elected representatives, therefore the ferment of mass strike, the sleeping giant, is manifest itself in Europe as we’re witnessing it in the US already.

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