The Fundamental Question Is Still – EU – IN or OUT?

The big question everyone is not thinking about yet is this. Once the Lisbon Treaty gets signed, and the evidence about when that will be, is at best mixed, what will Cameron offer as his new policy on the EU?

Two years ago, the Lib Dems propounded a policy of a referendum on the EU IN OR OUT. It was brought out as a way to not offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but to sound as if they were sympathetic to euroscepticism.

Will Cameron now copy this as his approach, as Iain Dale, suggested he should at the time (see above link)?

He can either use referendums to unpick Lisbon one piece at a time, but that in truth comes second to the primary question. The first decision that needs taking is whether British people want to be in the EU or not. Only if the answer to that is known, can the complex negotiations as to the broad scale of our relationship with Europe be addressed.

There’s no point in bringing out detailed policies until the status of the UK/EU relationship is known.

Cameron’s getting there step by step, keeping calm, driving the (e)utopians crazy, making euroscepticism sound the most natural thing in the world. It’s Wicked!

He has promised a referendum. I suggest the following two questions –

Q1. Do you want Britain to withdraw from the EU and negotiate an entirely new relationship with the EU? YES/NO.

Q2. If you replied to Q1 as NO, do you want to re-negotiate the British position on the following areas…………………,(1) or (2)accept our situation as it currently is, with British sovereignty terminated, and we exist as a group of regions within the new state to be known from hereon as the European Union?

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