EU Bullies Stalk Matador Cameron

This article in The Guardian indicates how the heat is moving away from Vaclav Klaus’ rebellion against Lisbon and is now arriving at the door of David Cameron.

The heads of state of France, Germany and Spain are all circling looking for a way to strike a blow on David Cameron as he prepares his next approach to European Policy once Lisbon is signed. He wants to repatriate powers from Brussels, and he is not shy about saying so. This is creating a growing rage amongst the political elites of Europe, who are getting so desperate as to what to do to stop Cameron, they nearly appointed Tony Blair as Europe’s new Council President (but then thought better of it).

These elites, Merkel, Sarkozy and the EU structure they depend on for their powers, will stop at nothing if Cameron starts to undermine them. He must realise that he is stirring up troubles, but as a strong believer in freedom and the breaking up of state power, Cameron remains understated and calm as he prepares to take on the combined might of one of the most powerful political alliances in the world.

While the steam is pouring out of (e)utopian ears, Cameron’s demeanour is totally relaxed. It is wonderful to behold. The voice of freedom is calm and quiet. That of the oppressors is shrill and vicious. That’s the way we like it! No Wimbledon or FA Cup Final will ever offer as much dramatic tension as the coming Cameron-EU play-off, as the EU stalks and starts to play manic bull to Cameron’s matador. (Let’s hope he does better than this unfortunate Columbian).

Guardian Extract –

It is understood that Cameron will drop his pledge to hold a referendum on the treaty on the grounds that it is impossible to open a treaty that has entered EU law. A Tory government would instead focus on repatriating social and employment laws, in effect restoring the British opt-out from the social chapter. This has been sprinkled around various EU treaties since Tony Blair ended the opt-out in 1997, meaning that its measures could only be restored to Britain with the agreement of all member states.

The nice looking people below, would prefer to shove a horn up Cameron’s ‘prospects’ than agree to dismantling any part of the power structure they have spent fifty years creating. The coming Spanish EU Presidency will no doubt accord Cameron the dignity expected by a British Prime Minister, as he starts sticking lances in their backs!!

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