EU Adopts Nazi Symbols

Do you remember the logo Gordon Brown was given for the new EU-backed international financial supervisory body in February 2008, at the Progressive Governance Summit? (Above). See original story HERE.

It was a swastika. A British Prime Minister was using a swastika!

Well take a good look at the new logo for so-called new ‘British’ Supreme Court just opening for business this week. (Below)

It’s another sodding swastika.

In fact as points out (See An Elaborate Deception), the real Supreme Court is not even in Britain. It is a sham. The real Supreme Court is the ECJ. This is a junior court, subservient to its masters in Brussels.

This time the swastika is a three leg version, a little bit disguised maybe, but not much and kinda cutesy. It is still a goddammed swastika, for God’s sake. Surely no hint of swastika should be used by any government institution in Europe – ever – especially a ruddy court of law.

Where are The Queen’s insignia, by the way? If it’s pretending to be a British Supreme Court, it should be badged as one. (see below)

What is it with these EU guys?

Why do they keep badging all their powerful new clandestine institutions with swastikas?

Is it so we can all be quite certain that there will be no need for democracy in EU Europe or in any of its institutions?

At least they are honest about being Nazis, I suppose.

I guess we should be grateful for that.

Here is the original swastika they all so obviously admire.

It will be nice for people who have to appeal to the ‘Supreme Court’ to think that the principles of totalitarianism will be applied to their cases. So reassuring to know that justice will have no role to play, but orderliness, political purity and as far as we can now see, legalised paedophilia.

The European swastika has progressed a little in sixty years, it seems, from signifying state sponsored mass murder, to now becoming associated with state sponsored mass child rape.

Britain should be well out of it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love your input on the Manx flag and coat of arms. Are they ancient Nazi symbols?

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