Conservatives Are A Scrum

Positions as follows –

Cameron and Hague are second row binding the pack.

Fox and Redwood the flankers.

Boris the scrum half puts the ball in.

Kenk Lark at number 8, stops the ball coming out.

Osborne the hooker, with David Davis and Eric Pickles the props.

It’s more evolution than revolution as Hague says.

N.B. Don’t underestimate evolution.

revolution is murderous. evolution is genocidal.

Who would the backs be? Leave your ideas please.

TEAM CAPTAIN explains the gameplan to Andrew Marr on TV this morning.

We have many strong individual players, Andrew, but in the end of the day we’re a cohesive team, and that’s why we win matches. If we get to the Final at Lisbon, we’ll play an open game, and draw in support from the crowd..

UPDATE – Dan Hannan, the fullback (see comments) catches a long kick –

Asked if Mr Cameron was working with the Czechs and Poles, Mr Hannan said the Tory leader is not “just going through the motions, he is absolutely committed to a referendum”.

Mr Hannan also said that the party leadership had not ruled out a broader referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Hannan, characteristically, dealt with that probe into Tory defences very nicely.

Conservative 1st XV pass ball around

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3 Responses to “Conservatives Are A Scrum”

  1. "Grocer" Heath says:

    The obvious choice for one of the backs would br

    Bill Cash

  2. tapestry says:

    He’d be a centre.

    I see your drift towards euroscepticism in the three quarters, Grocer.

    Dan Hannan as full back then ?

  3. tapestry says:

    I keep wanting James Murdoch as fly half….to take the feeds from Boris.

    Only four positions left.

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