Cameron Can Bide His Time

Now is not the moment. The false quantitative easing mini-boom will not last. Share prices are being massively subsidised in the USA with an average $10 billion a day being released to buy shares/securities by the Fed. This cannot go on forever, maybe another year but not more.

The hope is that the real economy and the housing markets will be repaired by then, but there are simply too many debts for this to be possible.

The Lisbon Treaty game will soon give way to an era of massive economic troubles unseen in anyone’s lifetimes. The anger it will generate, and the need to blame the collapse on its perpetrators will play into Cameron’s hands.

President Blair lording it in Brussels, and the people he tricked finding their economy spiralling into a black hole of unmanageable debt, will create exactly the circumstances, which will motivate a tidal wave of fury sufficient to cause normally calm and reasonable British people to want to spit the EU right out of their mouths.

Cameron must wait, triangulate, and the moment will come.

Remember the old saw. Money Speaks Louder Than Words.

Money will soon be speaking.

Then and only then, will the Lisbon constitutional architecture be vulnerable to collapse, and not before. Cameron must wait.

Blair must move into his Palace. Poland and the Czech Republic will sign, and then the hated mountainous castle, built without any democratic foundations, will collapse in on itself, bereft of any popular support, as 500 million people cheer to the rafters at the collapse of Europe’s totalitarian, corrupt, incompetent and rotten superstate.

The Empire is completing itself just in time for its inevitable collapse. Hubris will meet Nemesis shortly. Words are not necessary. History does not speed up its disasters. They happen when they are good and ready. This one’s brewing nicely, and is near to ripe. Cameron must wait and watch, and then rebuild Britain. It makes little difference what his own preferences are. Events will take over.

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2 Responses to “Cameron Can Bide His Time”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You may read the future that way, but who says Cameron also does? It’s unlikely, but if he does share your views why is he not preparing more deliberately for this dark future through whatever his new policies are? Incidently, didn’t the Mayans warn about 2012 as the year when everything would go pear-shaped? Pity about the London Olympics that year then!

  2. tapestry says:

    I give an alternative view to the generally held ones.

    Reading Hague’s speeches provides many clues as to the thinking going on in the background.

    Those Mayans knew a thing or two.

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