Irish YES Campaign Make Monkeys Of Themselves

The best way to decide if you are hurting your political enemies with your campaign material is to see what kind of response they make, if any. On that basis, the COIR Campaign can see clearly that the YES side is rattled. And they can be sure beyond doubt that it is their poster campaign that has hurt the YES side the most.

See these hastily assembled, almost entirely ineffective (what discernible message do they give?) posters from the YES campaign, in the sense of talking inwardly rather than outwardly. The monkey going nuts is how the COIR campaign have made the YES campaign feel. This is displacement psychology for all to see.

It shows that the YES side are more concerned in belittling the COIR’s NO campaign than in getting their own message across. It shows that the YES side have given up on their own message at this stage to express anger.

It is even promoting their opponents and giving them public attention. BIG MISTAKE.

LEGEND – ‘Are COIR driving you nuts?’ WEAK WEAK WEAK.

And remember that most people are only taking the quickest of looks and the pictures are always seen first before the words. A quick look puts a monkey adjacent to the word LISBON. Anyone could mistake it for a poster trivialising Lisbon.

This is how it’s done –

Anyway, who’s calling who monkeys ? !

Cowen’s a fine figure of a man, with animal appeal, you could say !

I’d hang on to your nuts, if I was you, Biffo. Just as the hurricane said to the palm tree, ‘Hold on to your nuts. This is no ordinary blow-job’, so too could this referendum send a cold blast coming straight in your direction.

Last Picture from (should be cowen?)


It seems the own goal has been spotted and the Dublin City Council is removing the ‘NO To NUTS’ posters. Story from Irish Times.

Several prominent Yes groups and campaigners have denied responsibility for a series of anti-Cóir posters, depicting a monkey holding a placard emblazoned with the words “No to Nuts”, and including the message “Are Cóir driving you nuts, Vote Yes to Lisbon”.

The posters, which were erected along several of the capital’s busiest thoroughfares last week, have been taken down by Dublin City Council.

Mr Greene declined to speculate as to who was behind the posters but said he believed they represented “a huge own goal for the Yes side” as they were deeply offensive to people who suffered from psychiatric illness.

He said he was concerned that Cóir posters were being taken down illegally across the country, especially in Dublin and Cork, and that the group had made a formal complaint to the Garda.

Cóir said it was planning to spend about €250,000 on some 11,000 posters and up to one million leaflets.

It sounds like the YES side are getting very rattled indeed!

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