SUN/Cameron Deal Confirms Lisbon Treaty Is Lost

The pundits are all hard at work this morning. What does The Sun’s switch of support from Labour to Conservative mean, coming at this moment? The Editor says the orders for the change come right from the top, in other words from Rupert Murdoch himself. Why now?

That is really a change. Murdoch has supported Labour since 1995 without a hiccup, while Labour have signed Britain into every Treaty, crushing any Conservative leader who gave a whiff of euroscepticism, almost in alliance with the BBC.

The deal was about money, Murdoch being allowed to keep his lucrative football TV monopoly, free of bother from the EU’s Competition Commissioner, as long as he supported Blair through thick and thin, which he has done.

But now the paper says they are sick of the government’s lack of support for the troops in Afghanistan (an old Murdoch ploy to swing political support based on the fortunes of war, starting with his father Keith’s writings in Australia on Gallipoli in 1916).

They also say, interestingly and more significantly, that the readers of The Sun are sick of Labour’s ignoring their wishes for a referendum on The Lisbon Treaty.

This must be a shocking development for those trying to shore up the collapsing Lisbon Treaty, just as the German government has at last ratified, leaving only Ireland, The Czech Republic and Poland to tidy up.

During a moment of disloyalty to the EU two years ago, young James Murdoch openly campaigned against the EU Constitutional Treaty in The Sun. As an immediate effect, Murdoch lost his controlling share of ITV, as his punishment and warning. Murdoch was brought to heel, and he seemed to quickly abandon open rebellion. Gordon Brown was backed and Lisbon was signed.

But this time it seems there will be full-on rebellion, no going back and bugger the consequences.

In other words, Murdoch sees the power of the Blairs, of Brussels and the EU as crumbling, and he can now profitably change sides and back Cameron, with his stated wish to have a referendum in Britain, and a rebalancing of power with the EU.

It seems almost inevitable that the Irish referendum is already certain to be a second NO, for this to be happening now.

Murdoch and Cameron have done a deal, whereby Murdoch will keep all his media privileges, and Cameron, in return, wants his help in securing power in Britain. But the crucial factor is that they see they can (this time) successfully rebel against the EU, and win. Otherwise this would not be happening.

With Britain’s General Election now only just over 7 months away, Cameron’s moment to step up a gear on the Lisbon Treaty and promise a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the EU is surely here.

INTERESTING TO NOTE – Andrew Neil writes ‘Mr Cameron has kept his distance from Sun proprietor Rupert Murdoch, though he gets on well with his son, James.

UPDATE – Vaclav Klaus and the Czech resistance brings an appeal against Lisbon on the next day – See Irish Times HERE.

Extract – A GROUP of Czech senators has lodged a new constitutional court challenge against the Lisbon Treaty, alleging that it turns the EU into a “super state”.

Part of the appeal rests on a claim that the guarantees on the treaty given to Ireland by EU leaders should have been ratified by the Czech parliament. The senators hope the appeal will delay ratification until a Conservative government can win power in Britain and kill the treaty.

Senator Jiri Oberfalzer, a close ally of Eurosceptic Czech president Vaclav Klaus who helped prepare the court challenge, said that the constitutional court should state whether the EU would still be an international organisation or if Lisbon creates a new EU “super state”.

The appeal asks the court to examine whether the treaty as a whole is compatible with the Czech constitution. It also challenges the legality of the guarantees provided by EU leaders to Ireland.

“The senators claim the Irish guarantees are an international treaty which would need the consent of both chambers of the Czech parliament,” Tomas Langasek, general secretary of the court, told The Irish Times yesterday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron has hinted that he will not hold a referendum in the UK if Lisbon has already been ratified:

    Maybe Cameron expects, and even wants, the Irish to vote no. Otherwise, why would he be setting his stall out on the subject of what to do if Lisbon is already ratified? If he is such a sceptic, surely he would be outlining his position on what to do if Lisbon has yet to be ratified, thereby giving succour to the Irish people who are thinking of voting no. It does not help the no campaign persuade those voters who are undecided to vote no now that Cameron is hinting he will do nothing if elected.

    The Sun’s behaviour can be explained by the fact that they realise that Lisbon is no longer a dividing issue between the electable parties, and that support one way or the other does not affect the success of the EU project, which in turn means that the EU is relaxed over who they support. The broadcasting rights implications for those who support the Tories are therefore zero, and the Sun will line up alongside the Tories simply because they are the expected winner of the next election.

    The key thing is that Cameron will not consider leaving the EU. In any negotiation on British membership terms the EU can always say: “Take it or leave it” and if we have ruled out ‘leaving it’, there is no incentive for the EU to alter the terms of our ‘taking it’. The whole exercise is therefore pointless. This whole thing stinks of yet another Tory stitch-up on Europe. I will not be voting for them. I have not decided which of the minor parties will be getting my vote. It will not be the LibDims or the Marxist Greens, though.

    Great blog.

    Cheers, Jason

  2. tapestry says:

    Jason, relax.

    I had lunch with me old mate Malcolm who runs a successful hotel in the Midlands. He had a wedding recently where the bride was from Ireland, and the bar broke all records. The Irish folk told him they were all voting NO, and if YES won, it would be a stitch-up.

    Cameron is right to say no referendum if Lisbon ratified. He has to stop ratification if he can as his top priority.

    But if ratified, he will need to state precisely how he sees the future at that moment and he will.

    (See my post on Hague’s Telegraph interview a few below). Hague has made it clear there will only be one policy at a time.

    You’re asking for about fourteen.

    Glad you enjoyed the blog-ride. Keep us in touch.

    Oh and believe me, the EU will not be relaxed about Cameron and Murdoch working together to stop the superstate.

    Vote as you see fit, but don’t misread Cameron, or at least pre-judge. He has to face both ways. Britain is dominated by the BBC, and they have the power to bring Cameron down if they chose.

    But make no mistake as to which way his feet are pointing. Events will gradually show you.

    He cannot be explicit. This is a treacherous game of power, not the first few overs of a test match,if you see what I mean ! It’s the end of a dream of empire. And it’s going to be messy – OK!

  3. Anonymous says:


    Do you believe that the EU is a Nazi construct?

    Or is it communist?

    The interesting thing is that the Jews (Mandelson, Miliband * 2) are so fond of it. How could it be Nazi after the last Jewish experience of Nazism? Have I misunderstood Nazism? I would have thought Nazism was implacably opposed to the Jews…

  4. tapestry says:

    I only see their useage of swastika type images, which worries me.

    They are totalitarian.

    They are paedophile.

    No previous convictions known for such a monstrous concoction.

    A thoroughly evil and unpleasant bunch, convinced of their superiority and self-righteousness.

    Jewish? I don’t see much evidence of any racial slant.

  5. Anonymous says:


    To clarify: I was not saying that the EU was wholly Jewish in nature, but that it would be odd to say the EU is Nazi-like, what with the fact that there are prominent EUphiles who are Jews.

    The Jews had terrible experiences with Nazism, so surely they would be unlikely to have anything to do with Nazism of any form.

    Either I have misunderstood Nazism (could Nazism and Judaism be reconciled to one another? Unlikely, though possible.) or the EU is communist in nature.

    My money is on communist.

    I saw your comment on Dr. North’s blog and that is why I commented here. I seem to recall you post there as Tap.

  6. tapestry says:

    My ID on Richard North’s blog is not working, so I used Tap.

    Other than being quite determined not to be a part of the EU as it is anti-democratic, and totalitarian, I had not formed a view as to their communistic (or otherwise) tendencies.

    They don’t seem to want to own all of production, but do want to control it by bossing everyone around. That is more nazi isn’t it ?

    They are nationalistic in the dewy eyed Europa sense. They want to mess around at the level of the family, and dictate how you clean your teeth.

    They seem more nazi to me than communist.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That is an interesting point that you made about the EU not wanting to own the means of production but instead wanting to control the owners. That is definitely more fascistic than communist.

    Nazism does like to control people, Christians are difficult to control, and for that reason Nazis dislike Christianity. Nazis dislike Catholicism because of the transnational loyalties to Rome it can inspire from time to time and it dislikes Protestants because they, in effect, privatised their religion – wasn’t this the point of the Reformation?

    Islam is a different matter for Nazis, though. There is no such thing as a private Islam – it is a very public thing – and there is no central Pope-like figure in Islam. Both of the main barriers to institutional reconciliation are removed. Unless I am mistaken no other such barriers unique to Islam exist. Ergo, accommodation between Nazism and Islam is possible.

    As Nazism makes no onerous claims on muslims, many would have no problem with becoming Brownshirts. This gives a new perspective on all the recent immigration from Islamic countries. I am not for one second saying that all muslims would become Nazis. Not all Christians did after all. What is interesting is the institutional links that could be formed between Mosque and state. Muslims are very hierarchical creatures, and if the Imam says something is ok, then many of them silently slot into line. Frightening. There is one possible fly in the ointment however and it is the fact that Nazis bang on about racial purity where muslims prefer to encourage race-mixing. Still frightening, though.

    It may well be that Nazism happened to be anti-Jewish the first time around but this time around it will not necessarily be. Perhaps the Jews of this instance of Nazism will be white Christians.

    Finally, I tend to believe that the EU is merely the regional face of something bigger – the NWO – and that when or if it comes the NWO will be a communist world state. What we are witnessing with the EU is merely the awful European take on how to get to a World State most efficiently. The history of Europe is nothing if it is not a sequence of genocides.

    Cheers Tap,


  8. tapestry says:

    Maybe we will find out eventually.

    Caesar massacred 2 million Gauls (Celts). Take it from there!

    Only democracies live in peace, and they are being eliminated.

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