Betting In Irish Lisbon Referendum Neck & Neck

Just so Mike Smithson realises he’s on the wrong track on the Irish Referendum for the second time, here are the betting odds offered in London today by Paddy Power.

YES – 4/7 i.e. win £1.57 per £1

NO – 5/4 i.e win £2.25 per £1

In other words the betting is now neck and neck.

‘So what?’ you might think ! Well, yesterday the price for a NO bet was 11/2. That’s what !

Since the polls are claiming a big lead for the YES campaign, the betting odds take some explaining, unless that is, one remembers that polls in Ireland are economical -with the truth, I mean !!!!

The NO campaign is going ahead and the YES is crumbling, which is why the YES side rhetoric is suddenly so defeatist. See earlier post EUtopians Bury Lisbon’s Corpse And Run For Cover.

PICTURED – Paddy Power advert showing that it’s the women making the running in Irish Bingo Halls. It’s the same with the Lisbon NO campaign. One hears they are not as pro-EU as the men. See HERE.

Well done, Girls !!

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