The EU Abandons Democracy.

I blogged yesterday that the EU was signalling a move away from relying on the Lisbon Treaty. Today brings further confirmation of that development.

OPEN EUROPE writes – An article on EurActiv featuring an interview with the Swedish Secretary of State for Europe, Maria Asenius (PICTURED), has a headline that reads “EU can function without Lisbon Treaty”.

It reports that, several “leading EU politicians digress from the thesis that the Lisbon Treaty is necessary for the effective functioning of the enlarged EU. The new message is that, without the Lisbon Treaty, the EU would be as capable of acting as hitherto.

Maria Asenius is quoted saying, “We cannot wait forever for a decision on this issue. We need a new Commission to continue EU businesses. With or without the Lisbon Treaty. We’ve got no choice.

The question is now, if they don’t want to progress legally, are they now deciding to press on illegally ? The answer to that question has to be YES.

The other point is, would they be abandoning Lisbon unless they weren’t absolutely certain the Irish Referendum is already lost? The answer to that must be NO.

Then the question is – how will the EU square off their abandonment of democracy with the people of Ireland and of Europe?


Video title ‘DEMO against EU Treaty’.

There is another possible source of all the pessimism amongst the EUtopians. I saw a comment on from a commenter called Inge. It spoke of there being 1.5 million demonstrators out on the streets across Germany on the 5th September 2009 campaigning against Lisbon. Strangely she didn’t state which her country was. But we know there was an anti-Lisbon youth rally held on that day across Germany.

If the German anti-Lisbon demonstration was really so vast, that would also explain the monumental shock that the EUtopians must have suffered in recent days. Nowhere of course were these demonstrations reported. (Inge – please report in again. Was it Germany?)

Here is the video shot of the German anti-Lisbon demonstrations (in German of course). The anti-Lisbon song is superb, and many of the poster images more aggressive than any I’ve ever seen in Britain. Throughout the demo video, you can hear helicopters hovering ominously overhead, while the youths talk of the suspension of democracy in Europe.


The EU Parliament is about to reconfirm Barroso as Commission President. That as Nigel Farage said yesterday in the EU Parliament, is an affront. If the Lisbon Treaty is to fail, as now seems inevitable, surely Barroso, whose main aim as Commission President, was to establish the EU Constitution, has now failed and should resign.

Please watch Nigel Farage at his bravest and very best telling a tut-tutting Barroso in the EU Parliament that he must resign, and that a majority of Britons will want to quit the EU if Lisbon is confirmed.

You can smell the anger, bitter hatred and the fear in the MEPs who are visible behind and near to Farage. Well worth a watch.

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  1. Veritas says:

    The expression on Mr Kirkhope’s face next to Farage said it all – he was clearly bored with the ranting and was desperately trying to pretend he was somewhere else.

  2. tapestry says:

    Veritas ?

    Kilroy woz ere ?

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