Come On Ireland. Let ‘Em ‘Ave It!

From Open Europe –

A new TNS/mrbi poll in the Irish Times has found that 75 percent of Irish voters say they want a change of government, and just 17 percent said they did not. Support for the governing party Fianna Fail has hit a record low of 17 percent, and Irish PM Brian Cowen’s personal rating has dropped to 15 percent. Brian Cowen is due to meet leaders of the other political parties today to discuss the coordination efforts of the ‘Yes’ side.

Writing in the Irish Independent, Senan Molony suggests that the low approval ratings could have an impact on the Lisbon Treaty referendum and argues that, “it is certain Mr Cowen himself could not survive another ‘No.’ He would resign.”

Launching Fianna Fail’s Lisbon campaign yesterday, Brian Cowen said he was not contemplating defeat and “honestly believes that the people will return a ‘Yes’ vote”, reports the Irish Independent. Mr Cowen also ruled out naming Ireland’s next EU Commissioner before the polling day.

The Irish Mail reports on EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht’s comments that the Lisbon Treaty was designed so that people could not understand it, to avoid “real debate”.

A leader in the paper argues that the Irish government has failed to come up “with a single convincing reason for voting Yes, other than that everybody else in Europe will be annoyed with us if we don’t. Sorry, Mr Cowen, but that is just not good enough.”

Things are looking bad for Lisbon, for Cowen, and for the EU. This could be the turning point for Europe. One more Irish Lisbon rejection, David Cameron heading fir Downing Street promising a UK referendum, the German election looking bad for Merkel, and Czech Senators bringing a case to undermine the Lisbon Treaty there.

The political wheels are very close to falling off.

Dare I say it but as the wheels inevitably do, economic reality will dawn. The insolvency of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Ireland will come crashing down into peoples’ consciousness.

But first little ole Ireland must do its bit.

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