Von Stauffenberg To Prevent EU Totalitarianism

The German Parliament is being manoevred sweetly to sidestep the CSU’s position on the decision of the German Constitutional court and the proposed veto over Government negotiations with the EU by the German Parliament is to be avoided.

Stepping into the debate is a man whose name is already strongly asssociated with fighting for freedom from totalitarian power in Germany. Open Europe reports as follows –

Die Welt reports that the former MEP Franz Ludwig Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (CSU) has said that he may launch a new complaint against the Lisbon Treaty, “We see each other in Karlsruhe again” if the parliament and Bundesrat (upper chamber) do not sufficiently transpose the requirements of the Court’s Lisbon judgment.”

Is this history repeating itself? The attempt to overwhelm the populations of Europe with totalitarian power is the same as it was in 1944, except this time the fight is being waged without bombs and bullets. At least it is so far.

Read his words –

I see the way to [the Constitutional Court] as a last resort,” the Count said, “and had hoped that we could compel a re-think through an ordinary democratic manner, through argument, debate, and public pressure. This has totally failed….. This Europe is no longer compatible with the basic structures of a democratic legal state.”

See report by Andrew Kusack HERE.

If Dad was still around, he’d no doubt have a few suggestions as to what will be needed to stop the lemming-like German people from suffering another totalitarian experience.

Can Von Stauffenberg rally the troops again? Let’s hope that this time they are successful.

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