Vaclav Klaus Jeered In EU Parliament


Europe’s greatest living democrat tells it like it is to Europe’s MEPS, and they don’t like it one bit!!! This speech is the most important one made anywhere in the world this year. Europe could still be saved from bureaucratic Soviet-style oblivion, but only if Klaus and a tiny few number of judges in Germany succeed in stopping the process.

The world without a democratic Europe will be a far more dangerous place. Klaus has the wisdom to know it and the strength to say so. Out of all Europe’s politicians he is almost alone in being able and willing to do that. I hope that people in the future look back and listen to this speech. If Europe goes into a dark age, people need to know that good people were trying to stop it from happening, and the human spirit will thereby more easily survive the coming concentration of total power into too few, too selfish and too greedy hands.

See how MEPs become millionaires in just one Parliament HERE.

The reaction of MEPS is described by Bruno Waterfield in The Daily Telelgraph In MEPs Boo Call For Free Speech And EU Debate


Many Euro-MPs booed or walked out as the Czech president appealed for a real debate over the meaning of Europe and the European Union.

“The most important task is to make sure that debate over problems is not silenced as an attack on the very idea of European integration. We have always believed that being allowed to discuss such serious issues, being heard, defending everyone’s right to present a different that “the only correct opinion – no matter how much may disagree with it – is at the very core of democracy,” he said.

“Since there is no European demos – and no European nation – this defect can not be solved by strengthening the role of the European Parliament.”

Shocking stuff here in conformist Brussels, home to the mindless MEP.

Avril Doyle, a particularly fine example of Euro-MP mindset attacked President Klaus, her voice trembling, for trying to influence a second Irish referendum (update I now hear from parliament staff that she was objecting to leaflets not the speech) .

Debate is a “recipe for chaos in our corridors”, she screeched.

“Please ensure that the bureau (the parliament’s administration) does not allow it to happen again.”
See Avril Doyle blubbering against free speech in the video below, after hearing Vaclav Klaus’ speech.

Ireland, are you proud?

UPDATE – One character enjoyed the Vaclav Klaus show immensely, my old mate who got me into a pile of trouble in my UKIP days in 2001! All in the best of causes, of course. Hear Nigel Farage MEP –

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7 Responses to “Vaclav Klaus Jeered In EU Parliament”

  1. Craig says:

    Ireland, are you proud?

    Avril Doyle does not represent all of Ireland, so any foolish comments on her part are hardly something for the Irish people to ashamed of.

    What she does represent, however, is the tired old Fianna Fail/Fine Gael establishment, with its corruption, easy compromises and lapdog attitudes to foreign powers.

  2. tapestry says:

    Well put, Craig.

    It’s quite extraordinary to hear any democratically elected politician being quite so anti-democratic discussion. If you didn’t actually hear it, you wouldn’t believe it was possible.

    There is a lot hanging on Ireland’s second referendum, Vaclav Klaus’ determination to stop Czech ratification, and the eight judges in Germany’s supreme court currently hearing the case that Lisbon is against the German Constitution.

    Democracy is nearly dead in Europe, but might suddenly reawaken in time, if we are lucky.

    Ireland has raised our hopes.

  3. Craig says:

    I find it hard to be optimistic at this point. Despite all the legal “problems” and challenges to Lisbon (in Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic etc) I feel that universal ratification is almost inevitable. It has been pre-ordained not merely by the current elite but by those who called 50 years ago for “ever-closer union”. The dead hand of history guides this process.

    However, if we have the grace of God and the second referendum is voted down again by the Irish voters, that will be a glorious day and my faith in democracy and sovereignty might very well be restored.

  4. tapestry says:

    I have more faith in the chances of stopping Lisbon, Craig. It could be Germany that throws the brakes on in the end, but Ireland must play a crucial role and throw the thing out a second time, and Klaus dig his heels in, in the Czech Republic.

    If you acceppt defeat so easily, what’s the point in fighting on? The urge for the freedom by the many must overcome the greed and power-lust of the few. The Irish of all people must know the truth in that statement.

    As you say, maybe the grace of God will assist. But believe in the success of the cause of freedom at all times, Craig. Never help your enemies and God’s enemies by saying you believe they will win.

  5. Craig says:

    I suppose I am being quite fatalistic, yes. Don’t worry, I and other anti-Lisbon campaigners will redouble our efforts to defeat the treaty again.

    It’s just that the defeat of the first treaty should have been the end of it. (Of course we had the example of the Nice Treaty in 2001 and 2002 to educate us.) In any other European country, the No vote would have killed the treaty; but in Ireland – the only country where the people actually got a vote – the elites just keep repeating the vote until we “get it right”.

    In that light, there seems to be little hope for the free peoples of Europe… because in the only country where referenda are legally required, it doesn’t really matter how the people vote.

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    I’d take it for granted that it would be a YES vote next time round.

    The YES parties, will whip their sheeple much more thoroughly next time round, and, no doubt, run a more competent and determined campaign. They will attempt to divide the NO vote, and claim to have answered the concerns of the various anti-Lisbon blocs. Emigration may be a factor, if more NO’es than YES’ses leave the country. Sinn Fein is swinging in the wind and may change sides completely. They may resort to financial blackmail. Bribery(with what will turn out to be fairy gold) may be attempted.
    and finally character assassination of the most vicious kind directed against various NO campaigners.

    They will have had over year to concentrate and plan their campaign that they intend to run and they will be desperate to get a result.

    However, the mood of the country may be against them, and they may get an even bloodier nose than they did, the last time round.

    It didn’t come out in the media, but I think the working people felt that they were swindled in the Nice II referendum(over migration) and they bashed the ‘good europeans’ the next chance they had and they hit them where it hurt most too.

  7. tapestry says:

    Will Irish people blame Europe for the economic troubles?

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