A Word Of Advice To You, President Obama

On the list of Obama’s challenges come ‘The Europeans’.

From Stratfor –

The Europeans are in no position to give the things that Obama will need from them — namely, troops, a revived NATO to confront the Russians and a global financial system that doesn’t subordinate American financial authority to an international bureaucracy.

Maybe they should have added to the list of Obama’s European troubles the coming crash of the Euro – the currency that wanted to be the Deutschmark but grew up to be the Drachma.

European disunity and the hopelessness of its political and financial structures are going to place a massive strain on the 44th President of the USA. He would do well to wipe the slate clean in Europe, enable the EU to finish and start not only America but Europe too, all over again.

As the Irish would say, for the direction you need to go in, Mr President I wouldn’t be starting from here!

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