Irish TDs (MPs) Claim Messianic Status

Irish MPs or TDs as they are known are so far up their own arses about their precious Lisbon Treaty that they believe themselves entitled to criticise the Catholic Church for not supporting the EU like craven serfs on this incredibly tedious matter. It’s really laughable to hear the pompous eejits trying to stifle comments freely expressed by Cardinal Brady, for example, as if they are now God’s representatives on this earth – the story told as follows from Open Europe –

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael TDs have criticised Catholic Primate Cardinal Seán Brady for not publicly supporting the Lisbon Treaty. Fianna Fáil TD Beverley Flynn said, “I think there was an obligation on the church to make a strong statement on Lisbon.” Cardinal Brady said, “A 100 per cent resounding call for a Yes vote, I think, would have got people’s backs up,” adding that people had begun to see the EU in terms of bureaucracy, legislation and economics, rather than in terms of social and human values. “I wonder are we ready for the big step where it’s one, large union now . . . We’re not one people in Europe yet, far from it,” he said. Some of the TDs also urge the cardinal to “take action” against an unofficial catholic paper that had been critical of the Lisbon Treaty.

What action might that be I wonder? Burn the authors at the stake. Have them slung into The Liffey in the middle of winter. Surely if God’s representatives on earth don’t think the Lisbon Treaty is right for God’s flock, they had better say so and carry on saying so. Indeed it is the Fianna Fail TDs who need a good ducking, and bringing down to earth as it were. They clearly see themselves as the new Messiahs.

Chorus – Fianna Fail Has Risen Today – Hahahahahalleeluujah etc etc

PICTURED – the angelic (and allegedly totally corrupt) TD Beverly Flynn with acolyte praying hard alongside.

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  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    well, for euro-sceptics, this could be a good sign. The mainstream political parties, here, have sold their souls to the Euro-devil and this may indicate how out of touch they are with their electorate.

    The notion that Europe has been good for Ireland(instead of the builder pals of the political parties) is one of the main planks of their political platform and they cannot allow it to become discredited.

    The single biggest problem for them is that: they cannot guarantee to reverse the outcome of the Lisbon referendum by holding another one.

    heh heh, in some ways, de Valera did a good job in writing his Constitution.

    Voting NO to the Lisbon Treaty, is the Irish equivalent of the Crown refusing to sign a treaty!

  2. Craig says:

    Cardinal Brady is tweaking a lot of noses, both in the Hierarchy and the Irish body politic.

    To clarify on the story, the Catholic newspaper referred to is called “Alive”. It is a free publication distributed around Ireland and represents the views of grassroots (lay) conservative Catholics. I read it online. Alive was very much against the Lisbon Treaty and was not afraid to say so; it may have played a role in the defeat of Lisbon.

    Our TDs, especially Fianna Fail, are not popular at the moment due to the recent budget. If Lisbon-2 were held tomorrow, it would be roundly defeated. If held next year, the story might be different – a year is plenty of time to scare and cajole the plebs into supporting Lisbon.

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