Hurrah! Britain’s Bullshit Economy Is Over

In amongst much sighing and gnashing of teeth, commentators in the UK are mostly crying over the falling pound, and the collapsing stock market. Of course they are right that many will be hurt by the falls – especially those hoping for a life of retirement on a pension.

I feel sorry for them. They’ve been conned by governments to put all their savings into a pension pot which offers no tax advantage after Gordon Brown inserted his fingers into the pile ten years ago. Since then the price of all assets have been artificially inflated to keep the economy growing for sixteen long years by excess cash being injected into the economy and interest rates kept too low too long, all to keep governments in the US the EU popular and to keep opposition at bay.

Now asset values are collapsing to more realistic values, and the poor pensioners who’ve been pushed into taking long positions only, are getting completely stuffed from every angle, while the sharks short away and reap huge profits on the crashing prices.

But for anyone not involved in the government pension con, it must be a great relief that everything will resume at least for a while a sensible valuation. What help is it to the public that houses are 40% overvalued, unless people enjoy paying 40% Inheritance Tax to fund Gordon Brown’s ego endlessly? Sterling can come down to a level where British business can compete.

It won’t cause inflation.

Commodities are tumbling far faster than Sterling. All manufacturers from overseas have been maintaining ludicrously high prices in the UK for a decade taking advantage of the froth. They can absorb the fall easily enough.

The only problem Britain now has left is the expensive government that created the bullshit economy. That too will now have to be cut back, once reality hits home and Gordon Brown’s borrowing creates financial catastrophe, as it inevitably will. Government borrowing of GBP 100 billion before the recession strikes will seem like a walk in the park compared to six months from now when government revenues will inevitably take a huge hit. No one will lend Gordon Brown GBP 200 billion in a year. There will be blood on the carpet. Thank God though that reality is forcing herself back into the frame..

Government costs far too much, is far too big and is far too arrogant. The crashing share market and tumbling commodities will tell people clearly that they are being ripped off and conned, as they have been for a decade or more. Mercifully common sense is at last returning, and the arrogant shits who manipulated all the froth such as Brown, can now take the bath they deserve. It’s a pity about the people who’ve played along and tried to believe all the bollocks, voting for Tony Blair, and buying their pension in the only way the government permits them to do. The real story is now coming to light. It will unfortunately hurt too many people while reality reintroduces itself into Britain after a decade of absence, but if it didn’t show its face now, the next time it would only be ten times worse.

The problem looking ahead will be that as the next generation wants to rebuild the economy, get jobs, build industries and save for retirement, they will find their way blocked on all sides by mountainous unworkable mind-numbing barmy regulations which have been allowed to clog up the works. The final piece that has to crash, for Britain to recover her economic and social health, is the source of all this weed growth and raw sewage in her economic water supply – membership of the EU.

Personally I am happy to be out of the UK – away from dealing with overpaid useless government robots on a daily basis – away from the hopelessness of the political system that has been swallowed by Brussels and corrupted to its very core. Sure I miss friends and family sometimes, but life goes on and is very much easier here in the Philippines where costs are lower, people are respectful and government is undeveloped. The great thing about not everything being based on petty rules is that people matter more, and here in Manila survival depends not on an overgrown inappropriate bureaucratic rule book as has sprawled all over the place in Britain, but on relationships between people.

Freedom means getting rid of government and people working out their own solutions, away from all the bullshit that in particular British people have to live with. I pity the poor bastards. They’ve mostly got to the stage of pretending it isn’t as bad as it is as the only way to cope.

Come on Britain. You could do it if you told all those slimy useless arseholes in Brussels to fuck off once and for all. God, it would be a pleasure to come home, talk to people straight and not in some strange scarcely intelligible crypto-speak steering around all the latest fashions of political correctness, and enjoy the smell of free British clear air once more – with no one to order you how and when to empty your wheelie bin, forcing you to drive your car over child-killing speed bumps, no more bloody forms from the council or from central government poking in their noses into your family lives. No more government databases being left around on trains like confetti on supply to the mafia who then steal your identity, your bank account and your peace of mind.

But never mind. I know Brits are not yet ready to reclaim their freedoms from the government and the EU that have stolen them. Keep breathing the pollution and swallowing all the bullshit.

You’re all so used to it now, and enjoy the EU propaganda where they keep telling you how much good they are doing, trying to stop the sun from shining too much or too little, whichever version of the climate bullshit they are using to frighten you into conforming with sacrificing your liberty this week.

Stay under the Euro-thumb, as that is what’s now familiar. It is the taste of freedom that frightens you most now. Keep the blinkers on. Enjoy the taste. The sweetness of the lush tropical fruit of freedom would overpower your dulled senses now you’ve been ground down to the level of serfs eating factory flavoured chemically regulated EU-approved cardboard. Don’t dare offer any criticism. You might lose your job, not be promoted or not be offered the club membership you desire. That’s right. Carry on being the creeps you’ve all become. The taste of EU arseholes has never been better. Keep licking them my lovely fellow Brits. It is so clearly what you all desire.

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