Brussels Wins Temporary Reprieve

The silence here on The Tap continues. Reasons for the pause in output are fourfold.

First I am newly arrived in the Philippines for my third year living here after ‘summer’ holidays in the UK. I don’t yet have a home as I’m in the process of moving. Most time is being spent addressing that situation and catching up with my 11 month old son Charlie, who I haven’t seen since June. The change in two months is amazing to behold.

Second my health has taken a leap ahead after sleep apnea and hypopnea was diagnosed while in the UK. I have a CPAP – continuous pressurised air breathing device – and an oxygen concentrator wired into the back of it, which together force me to breathe a high oxygen mix of gases through the night. After one month of use the effects are amazing.

I have a normal amount of energy again for the first time in years, and can plan a normal life. I don’t feel like sitting by a PC for hours every day, as the pleasures of playing sport, being out later at night and handling a little work are too much temptation. Blogging, which I took up when housebound from a mystery illness some years ago, seems too dull in comparison – at least for a while until the next phase arrives.

The third reason is the state of politics in Britain and in Europe. I became active in politics in 2000 concerned by the regulation spilling out of the EU and the effects of it on my previously happy working life. Most people had little idea then about the threat from the EU to our freedom and our quality of life, and I felt that I wanted to do something about it. The situation today is far different with the majority more aware of the situation.

Cameron is well on his way to winning power, and the effects of the Irish Referendum are rippling across Europe. The Russians have exposed EU impotence in Georgia to boot. The EU is as serious a threat to liberty and the economy as ever it was, but the difference seven years later is that euroscepticism is becoming an unstoppable force, when it was a fringe activity indulged in by ‘fruitcakes’ in 2000. We are becoming the mainstream now, but being mainstream has never been my forte.

The war is not won, and I hope to still play a part. The new trans-european anti-Lisbon movement with Libertas allying with UKIP’s Farage and maybe the British Conservatives, the Poles and the Czechs is of great interest to observe.

The fourth reason is that now that I live far away from the EU and have got away from all the troubles that it has brought and the ruination it has caused to so many aspects of life in Britain, I selfishly care a lot less than I used to do about it all.

The fifth reason is that being so far from the action I don’t meet up with the politicians that I used to see occasionally. And am outside the feed and the inside chat.

Five good excuses are sufficient for now. Once I have an internet connection and a new home it might all change of course! Brussels will no doubt only get a temporary reprieve.

NOTES – my business writings from the 1990s have ‘arrived’ – and are now part of China’s higher education programme on entrepreneurship in business – as well as being used on MBA courses in many other parts of the world, in entrepreneurship modules. I was paid GBP 175 for writing the two articles by Henely management College, that are still sold by Elsevier for $20 a pop to thousands of people every year. The honour of being read is the greater reward, of course.

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2 Responses to “Brussels Wins Temporary Reprieve”

  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    The result of the Irish referendum is not official until it has been voted down twice. The Czechs or the Poles and maybe the Germans may save us from having to vote again.

    The real struggle against the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland: is beginning now.

    The YESSIES won’t be as complacent as they were the last time (when they thought everyone would vote YES just because they asked them to). Now they’ll have to see if they can con enough people into changing their vote to see if they can get the result they want.

  2. tapestry says:

    thanks for an intelligent comment.

    Libertas linking with UKIP and maybe the COnservatives could be a potent force.

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