Britain Is Fun

I’m leaving the UK after my two month long holiday. Doom and gloom are strongly in the ascendant with people depressed about the economy, but it’s still a fun place to visit. There is still more sense of humour per square mile in Britain than anywhere else in the world.

Back in Asia, however, the economy is not so depressed, just a little inflationary, but with oil prices coming down, and food supplies a bit better organised, the fast pace of economic growth is expected to resume shortly.

It’s good to live in a dynamic part of the world where there is optimism for the future. Britain was like that at one time. Maybe it will be again, once the EU is sent packing. Taxation too needs sorting out. Inheritance Tax at 40% is confiscatory. Not even Communist countries dare to tax their citizens as badly as the UK does.

Italy has no IHT, as is the same in Australia. Spain is now thinking of abandoning it primarily to attract Brits. If Britain seriously wants a dynamic economy again with jobs and growth, it will have to not only dump Labour once and for all, but set out to achieve the most competitive tax regime in Europe.

Otherwise the drift into EU oblivion is assured. I prefer not to be around to witness any more trashing of our once great country.

So it’s goodbye to my family and friends. See you all next ‘summer’!!! The two abiding memories for me from this one will be Nadal’s win at Wimbledon, and Boris Johnson making his speech announcing Britain’s Olympic Games, upstaging Gordon Brown in the process. It provided a strong visual image of the Conservative revival.

It’s been fun.

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