Was Mladic’s Father Murdered At Srebrenica?

Given all the efforts being made by the EU to force the Serbs to hand over war criminals such as Karadzic and Mladic, the world could be forgiven for imagining that the Serbs were the only side to commit war crimes in the Balkans. What is being overlooked, however is the other side of the story. There were equally barbaric acts committed by Albanians, Croats and others, but these for some reason have been going unpunished at the Hague Tribunals, with witnesses intimidated or mysteriously dying or disappearing.

There can be no justification for the kinds of acts that were carried out at Srebrenica in the Balkan Wars by Mladic, where thousands of Moslem men and boys were rounded up by The Serbs and machine gunned to death in the football stadium. As far as the world’s media were concerned, these acts were committed by Serbs as if they had come from nowhere.

But if you try to understand why a man like Mladic could find committing such acts to be justifiable to his own conscience, you could ask a little more about his background and life’s experiences. It turns out that in WW2 his father fought as a partisan and, when he was captured, that he was tortured and murdered by the Ustase.

The NAZI-supporting Croatians murdered millions of Serbs, gypsies and Jews during the war, and yet unlike the Serbs who are being hunted and condemned as criminals for relatively lesser acts of imitation, the Croatians and Albanian murderers have been allowed to live and work unchallenged, many treated to this day as national heroes.

Take Franceticu (pictured) who commanded The Black Legion. There has been a memorial plinth saluting him as a hero on public display in Croatia up to the present day, and yet he was responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Serbs. The Black Legion operated out of Srebrenica in Bosnia. Is it possible that Mladic knew that his father was murdered there, and he saw his actions in Srebrenica as justified revenge for the loss of his own father?

UPDATE – background to the hunt for Mladic HERE. His father was from Bosnia and was murdered by Croatian Nazis when he was 2 years old.

And also, why did General Morillon foresee the Srebrenica Massacre? Find out HERE. It appears that there really are two sides to the story.  Had Srebrenica been ordered up and produced as the propaganda requirement of the Clinton administration, which needed a massive media horror story to justify the intervention that the OWG had already decided upon?  Morillon knew that the event was being orchestrated to order.

EXTRACT – But why did Morillon suspect that “something terrible could happen” in Srebrenica? What happened in Srebrenica before its fall in 1995 that would lead him to this conclusion? This part of the Srebrenica story is suppressed and stringently censored by the US government and media and the historians and the news services. This is the story that is covered-up by the so-called West. What happened in Srebrenica in 1992 and 1993? This is the untold story of Srebrenica.

Why was Morillon concerned for Srebrenica? What happened to warrant his fears and concerns? In the BBC article “UN General ‘foresaw Srebrenica’”, February 12, 2004, it was reported:

He told the tribunal that he feared that attacks by Muslim forces in which Serbian civilians had been targeted, had enraged the Bosnian Serbs and would result in fierce retaliation in the city.

He feared or he knew what was afoot?

Srebrenica Revisited 2011


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4 Responses to “Was Mladic’s Father Murdered At Srebrenica?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A good article.

    There is always the other side of the coin.

    The vampires of the past haunted ex-YU thanks to the communist regime that painted black-and-white picture of the WWII and made talking about what really happened a taboo.
    “We are all equal, nothing happened, we are all brothers” they said, and Serbs inclined to political indoctrination carried out the order very thoroughly. So Serbs really stopped talking about it, but those who lost their loved ones never forgot.

    I am from that area and I was successfully indocrinated with the brotherhood idea, but while serving the army in the-then YU, I was terrified to learn from my “good friend” as I thought, a Croat, that “if Serbia attacks Croatia, there is a gun behind every window waiting”… this was before the whole thing started there and I was, naturally, shocked, me with 19 years of age and naive belief that “we are brothers”. I still remember my disbelief that I am hearing what he is saying, I had no idea what was he talking about. Today I do. They were dreaming their “clean Croatia” all the time, and their Church played pivotal role. While Serb communist, fanatically indocrtinated with the “brotherhood” idea forbid Serbs to go to the Church (Churchgoers were not allowed to hold any significant position), in Croatia they continued going every Sunday. What were they preached there I don’t know, but seeing the recent funeral of their SS Ustasha commander and proven killer (Dinko Sakic), I am getting an idea.

    Ironically, thanks to the Serbs Croatia was never punished for their Nazi movement and monstrosities they commited.

  2. John McClane says:

    Germany wanted Croatia independent. So the EU airbrushed out Croatia’s past.

    Now the EU is bullying Serbia.

    But the Georgian affair demonstrates the extent to which the EU is just a paper tiger.

  3. a d fukal says:

    By that logic any Afrikaner is justified in killing any anglo-saxon they meet, in retaliation for the defeat of the South African Republics in the Boer War.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a d fukal: I didn’t understand the post or my comment was justifying the killings; I personally hold great powers of that time responsible for all the mess because they supported only one side instead of having a balanced approach.

    Don’t forget that at the very start, it was all internal political crisis; a rather big one, but still within a reason; at the beginning, Serbs in Croatia were asking only for cultural autonomy since one of the first things Tudjman did after he won the elections (YU was still existing at that time) was to ban Cyrillic from schools; before that, both Latin and Cyrillic were taught, and the language was called “Croatian or Serbian” (in Serbia: Serbo-Croatian).

    He also banned books of Serbian writers from schools. This is why the revolt first started in the Serbian writers community in Croatia.

    One thing led to another, so to this revolt Tudjman responded by a big sweep of all Serbian personnel from their police (at that time they still didn’t have their army, but were smuggling arms big time).

    By unconditionally supporting Croatia, the west (mostly Germany), encouraged Croatia to go further and internal political crisis erupted into the war, and the vampires from the past were released once again.

    Sadly, the latest war finished without a closure.

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