Rats In Hospitals – Rats In Government

In this video, Brian Gerrish an ex-naval officer, who has spent a lot of time since he left the navy, researching a charity called ‘Common Purpose’, alleges that the Labour Government is infiltrated by this secret Marxist movement dedicated to the destruction of our society.

Here he also alleges that Francis Maude, who controlled access to Conservative seats with David Cameron’s A List, is a member of Common Purpose, and that Gordon Brown is also associated. The Lib Dems too he believes are infiltrated.

The aim of CP is to destroy private property, as they are doing with the madness of rash lending that has now given way to the credit crunch, through regulatory measures designed to drive people out of running businesses, and through creating high levels of inflation to destroy peoples’ savings, making them dependent on the state. Many people will remember the creation of highly paid false jobs across the public sector under Labour. As Gerrish says, ‘this is not a joke’.

Gerrish sees this as a war for the survival of freedom against an infiltrating group that is getting close to completing the destruction and belief of our society, so that we can be more easily subsumed into a powerful centralised state.

Today you see rats in hospitals flashed across the TV screens, that our army has cut deals with thugs in Basra, refusing to fight them, and an apparent end of any ability in any of our organisations to cope and do their jobs. As Gerrish repeats, ‘this is not a joke’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I met with, and listened for over three hours whilst he explained the major problem we all have with Common Purpose. He had reams of papers and documents carefully indexed. He is not a ‘nutter’ he is not ‘mad’ he is a true patriot.

    We are sleepwalking into a disaster.

  2. Tony Sharp says:

    It is very sad when you see the words “true patriot” and realise in all probability the anonymous person who wrote them is a BNP supporter.

    The BNP have been on my blog prattling on about common purpose, demanding to know if I am associated with it and advising of our need to wear foil hats. David Icke agrees with them. Apparently common purpose is a cover for paedophiles and alien reptilians.

    Common Purpose is hardly secret. I have watched the video and apart from org charts and underlined names and a number of claims, I have not seen any evidence of what common purpose is allegedly doing.

    There was “brilliant research” conducted by a friend of Gerish, yet it was still not clear to him what common purpose was supposed to be about. So this Gerish campaign seems to be lots of words and pictures that say nothing.

    When you ask for evidence, it appears you have to pay for reports that apparently contain it. If Gerish is attempting to convince me that something untoward is going on he has failed because he has offered no proof.

  3. tapestry says:

    I first encountered him on a UKIP site, so maybe he is not BNP.

    If he is saying that there is a secret association which is permeated throughout government, which has been given the task of preparing for being run from the EU, I am inclined to believe him and the others who report on common purpose.

    There are others writing about them.

    I don’t think you will be offered any proof that the EU has plans – let alone as to what their plans are for taking over the countries that are falling into their power.

    Maybe some of my old chums at UKIP (from 2000-2001) would have some thoughts on Gerrish which I haven’t heard about, but he’s a powerful presenter, and he has many good points.

    I agreed with his assessment that government departments began to operate in a sinister manner after about 1992/3, from my own experience in running a business.

    The operations of the local Fire Authority overstepped the line as to reasonableness when they were granted overwhelming powers, as did the HSE. Then we have Industrial Tribunals which reward thieves with payoffs. How can any business survive with these things going on?

    I see most government employees as pretty sinister these days and not to be trusted – or bothered with except when you absolutely have to.

    There are of course exceptions, but they are so powerful, arrogant and full of themselves that it is positively sick-making, when they do absolutely nothing for you.

    My mother wanted a bed for my sick father, but the District Nurse said that no one was allowed to carry it up the stairs. The Police refused to check up on a prime suspect after my house was burgled etc etc

    The corruption that has been released by the loss of control and the crushing of common sense is also a major problem.

    Yes. No proof from Gerrish. But where else is there someone prepared to stop the collapse of our society?

    If Cameron won’t even fight against the Lisbon Treaty, will the Conservatives be an effective political force to turn back the tide? I hope so. If not, the likes of Gerrish will be next in line.

  4. njziol says:

    If they destroy business, how will they pay to support all those people who are dependent on the state? Take economic lessons from Robert Mugabe?

  5. You can find more about Common Purpose here: http://www.stopcp.com

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rants about the direction society is going in is all very well – and may well be completely justified. But there is absolutely no thread of connection with the training charity Common Purpose. Seems to be made a scapegoat for people seeking sense in the madness. And it does tend to be the usual suspects (Icke et al) who are swallowing it… Check out http://www.commonpurpose.net/

  7. tapestry says:

    Any secretive organisation that purports to be influencing the direction of government, deserves all it gets. Government that wishes to be secret is wrong in the extreme.

    Only when they declare themselves and state a public programme and stand for election do they have any right to exist.

    Their desire to operate in secret away from the public eye opens them up. They deserve all they get and more. They are undermining trust in government. Very dangerous.

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