Only 13 Out Of 27 Countries Have Ratified Lisbon

One of the loudest accusations made by Europhiles against the people of tiny Ireland, who rejected the Lisbon Treaty in their recent referendum, is that the democratic views of 4 million people cannot be allowed to derail a Treaty assented to by 500 million. This makes it sound as if the Lisbon Treaty is a done deal in every square inch of the continent of Europe, and that the Irish are a kind of pest which needs to be disinfected.

In fact, that is far from being the case.

Only 13 countries out of the 27 have to date deposited their ratification documents with the Italian government in Rome. The other 14 have at least one stage in the ratification process not completed. Ireland is still in the company of over 200 million Europeans whose governments has yet to ratify the Treaty.

Notably Germany’s President has yet to give his assent to the Treaty, which is subject to various legal challenges in the courts. There’s 80 million straightaway!

Italy has managed a suspiciously unanimous vote in both chambers of its Parliament, but the Italian President has yet to give his assent. In the Netherlands, the Royal Assent has not been granted. In Poland there has to be a Ratification Act which has not yet been passed. In Finland the Acland Parliament has yet to agree with the main Parliament, and without its agreement the ratification cannot go ahead.

In the Czech Republic, neither chamber of the Parliament has yet ratified the Treaty, as is the case in Sweden. The President of Cyprus too has yet to assent.

All these hold-ups may in time be overcome, of course, but let’s not allow the europhile media to get away with not telling the full story. The Lisbon Treaty is held up in 14 countries, not one, as they make it sound every time they talk about it.

The ratification is Britain could yet be reversed if David Cameron were to win power and hold a British referendum as he has promised. If Britain’s population were taken out of the ratifying numbers, a majority of Europeans would be holding out against longterm rule by Brussels. The EU narrative of ‘The Irish are the only trouble we have’ would be blown sky high.

Meanwhile they will be told they are the only ones in the doghouse, but it’s not true. Many others have yet to declare their hand.

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  1. Grahnlaw says:


    Only a few minor points concerning Finland.

    The Finnish Parliament has approved the Lisbon Treaty (for the Finnish Mainland).

    The Åland Islands vote only concerning their own territory.

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