Kosovo Folly Freed Russia’s Hands

There are few political voices left in Europe that tell it like it is. There are still one or two though, who seem to have some overall vision of events, and are not fixated solely with accruing status and influence inside the corrupt world of EU bureaucracy. One of those voices which speaks pure common sense and shows no fear of the hideous mess that the EU is making of Europe’s future, is Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

He can see that the recognising of Kosovan independence by the West, which was declared in February this year, was a colossal mistake which has done more to destabilise the world than any other individual political act since WW2. It enabled Vladimir Putin to tear up the rulebook as to the sovereign power of nations, and invade Georgia and maybe others still to come.

The EU detests national sovereignty and insists on reducing it and belittling it to its own advantage, whenever it can. If the dangers and inappropriateness of ending the free existence of democratic sovereign nation-states had not for some reason been realised before, there can little doubt of them now. Vaclav Klaus as so often before is not afraid of telling the clear truth as he sees it.

This report comes from Associated Press –

PRAGUE, Czech Republic-Czech President Vaclav Klaus says the world’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence freed Russia’s hands in the conflict with Georgia.

Klaus says when many Western powers decided to recognize Kosovo’s break from Serbia in February, it “gave Russia a strong justification for its actions (in Georgia)” after fighting broke out last week over the separatist region of South Ossetia.

Klaus also said Friday he was worried that the precedent of Kosovo will have long-term consequences in other parts of the world with separatist-minded regions.

He also rejected the idea that the Georgia-Russia conflict is a strong argument for the installation of a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic as part of a missile defense system.

If there is one political leader in Europe who dares to speak up for the truth and for ending the dangerous drift towards war, then maybe there will be another. David Cameron is to visit Georgia this week. Will he be uttering EU-friendly platitudes, or will he too see that the security of nation-states is the basis of the international system, in the same way that he sees families as being the individual units of society?

The EU, by destroying our nations, is destroying our security. The drift into chaos needs to be stopped. Who will provide the new Churchillian voice that gathers the human spirit together to rebuild a peaceful and functioning international world order? The tinkering with our countries by bureaucrats that understand nothing but the advancement of their own careers has gone on too long. They are dragging us closer to war by not having any clear notion as to what must be done.

Maybe Klaus will inspire a new leader to come to the fore. There is a sore need for one to emerge and stop the drift. If Cameron doesn’t start shouting loud for the preservation of the democratic and sovereign nation states of Europe, maybe another Conservative leader can use his position of influence to join the debate, Boris Johson, Mayor of London. If the Mayor of London does not have the right to speak for the preservation of nations, then who does?

More recent news on Vaclav Klaus stopping EU regulatory nonsense in his own country using the Presidential veto.HERE

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3 Responses to “Kosovo Folly Freed Russia’s Hands”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not sure our countries are being tinkered with by bureaucrats. Our elected politicians are voting to give their powers away.


  2. tapestry says:

    It’s a three way ‘game’ with Bush trying to press on with Russian encirclement, the EU who he believes to be his allies not interested in any strategic play – other than ‘soft power’ games inviting countries to join the EU and playing their regions off against each other.

    And Putin who sees the EU ‘regions’game and thinks ‘I can play that one’.

    Russia has survived for centuries as a country because of its military prowess and strength. The EU has no policy for Russia. Bush did. The two approaches are incompatible.

    For Putin it’s ‘divide and rule’ – or at least ‘divide and survive’. The problem will be if he finds his defensive games work equally well in attack, as his strength grows. The EU is so pathetic that he might do (and the US so busy elsewhere and needing Russia as its ally).

    It all seems like the world pre-1914 I’m afraid to say, with the collapse of one empire and the expansion of others.

    It surely would be better to have played Russia long and allow the developing commercialism of the world to gradually raise her out of the hole she fell into. Kicking Russia while she’s down seems a high risk low reward strategy – which just got lower. PUtin will move on eventually. The next leader might not be so bad, and bitter about Russia’s past humiliation.

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