EU Flaps As Russia Invades

Those watching Russian tanks and jets attacking Georgian targets in South Ossetia and other parts of Georgia should remember that it was the EU’s recognition and support of Kosovan independence which triggered this eruption of open warfare. Putin stated that he would not sit idly by if the EU pressed ahead with its EULEX in Kosovo, and that he would make a military response if they did. He said that if the ‘West’ thought the break-up of countries could be initiated, then he too would feel able to promote similar ‘secessions’ to Kosovo, where Russia desired such an outcome.

The tensions in South Ossetia and the deployment of Russian peace-keepers began in February, according to the Guardian HERE, and were a direct result of the actions of the EU in Kosovo. The link has an excellent video news report from an ‘on-the-ground’ reporter, which I recommend.

The EU is sufficiently arrogant to go about breaking up Serbia in defiance of Russia, acting as if in the role of a superpower, and yet it has no army to back up its political actions. The EU not only ignores the democratic decisions of the peoples it purports to rule. It is extremely dangerous in another way – as it also ignores the strategic realities of the word, and doesn’t understand that there have to be limits to its power and actions.

Ignoring the views and expressed wishes of its own citizens is one thing, but ignoring those who possess military power and have expressed a willingness to use it, such as Prime Minister Putin, is downright folly – folly which has more instant response.

I don’t believe America wants a war with Russia, and there is no doubt that the EU will be pulling up the white flags in Brussels as soon as one shot is fired in Georgia. The hopelessness of the EU talking big and trying to push Russia around in its former territories is now becoming apparent.

This is a bad situation, and it will no doubt become increasingly tragic if Kazakhstan joins the war against Georgia alongside the Russians. But one good thing might come out of it. The Americans might finally see that the EU is a useless ally, and return to dealing with the nations states of Europe on an individual basis.

Meanwhile Brussels officials are demanding a ceasfire in the war that they caused, but which they will too frightened to take any part in.

The situation on the ground in Kosovo might also now be affected if NATO is shown by Russia to be all talk and no bite, which will inevitably happen. Suffering overstretch in Aghanistan, the US and NATO are hardly going to embark on a war with Russia. Kosovo will become like an Iraq and a Suez rolled into one. The EU will experience military humiliation and the end of empire before it’s even begun.

After Russia has shown that it is willing to go to war, and take casualties, the next international meetings that are held to discuss central Europe, probably at the UN will see a world with a very different axis of power than before, with the EU a much reduced figure. In the meantime, others will be paying the price for its folly and arrogance. The people of Georgia will be suffering greatly.

For some strategic analysis as to who might be next on Putin’s list see Richard North on Bruges Group Blog HERE

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2 Responses to “EU Flaps As Russia Invades”

  1. 18 was right says:

    I’m sure the muggers of Britain would love it, just love it, if you wrote an article sanctioning and justifing their crimes as you are doing for Putin.

    What the Russians are doing is completely uncivilised, and if thery get away with it it means the end of Western Civilisation as we know it. 88

  2. tapestry says:

    I am not sanctioning anything.

    The EU/NATO and the US were attempting to reduce Russia’s power in the Balkans and The Caucasus by inviting Georgia and the Ukraine into political and military alliance, and by blacking Serbia.

    If you try to stray into a new geopolitical region, you will find that the people being reduced by your arrival won’t like it.

    In Russia’s case, Putin is a nasty creature with brutish inhuman attitudes. But he has warned Bush and attempted to negotiate to keep NATO out of Georgia and Ukraine. He attempted to keep the EU out of Kosovo, as well.

    By ignoring a grizzly bear, you end up getting scratched. I have been advocating the withdrawal from Kosovo and the Caucasus by Bush and the EU for a long time on this blog.

    I feel very sorry for Georgians, but unless I am prepared to send my own sons to fight and die for them, I am obliged to settle with Putin. had Bush done that, Georgians would not be dying now.

    Britain has no business meddling in the Balkans and the Caucasus. If the US and the EU have no army to send, Bush too should not be meddling either.

    This sadly is real power. The EU’s soft power becomes pretty meaningless when faced with Russian tanks and fighter planes.

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