Did Blair Order Jill Dando Cover-Up?

You have to ask yourself why Barry George, just released, spent eight years in prison wrongly accused of the Jill Dando killing, in a case where it was pretty obvious he had been framed right at the start.

Dando’s murder was clearly a professional killing, in which the killer’s getaway in a speeding car was observed, a professional ‘hit’ type of non-splash bullet was used while Jill Dando was made to kneel down. The killer was seen by neighbours. The description they gave was not compatible with George.

Barry George was a local man with low IQ and someone not able either to carry out a professional style killing or defend himself very easily against false accusations. He was the ideal person to frame, but the least likely to have been responsible. See him speaking to the Police HERE.

It is curious, you might say, as to why he was locked up for eight years, and you might be forced to consider who was trying to cover up what, and who was using Barry George as the method to get the Dando killing out of the media.

If you go back to the time of Dando’s killing, you have to remember that it took place during the Blair-walks-on-water pre-internet-blogging era, when Blair could tell as many lies as he liked, and backed by a fawning media, expect to get away with it. Those who stood up to the lies, such as David Kelly, who was certain there were no WMD in Iraq which threatened the UK, could expect to be ‘dealt with’. The media covered up for that little tidying up exercise too.

The Dando killing had nothing to do with Iraq, which came later, but it could have had something to do with one of Blair’s earlier military interventions – in the Balkans. The bombing of the RTS Serbian TV station in April 1999 was controversial, and it led to the deaths of several workers at the TV station.

It was stated that Blair had been especially keen for the TV station to be bombed, and after it took plcae, he was to the fore in publicly defending the attack.

Without going into the rights and wrongs of the bombing of Belgrade, and the bombing of the TV station, it would not be beyond the imagination that the Serbs had decided to order the killing of Dando, the darling of British TV as a demonstration to Blair that Serbs would not take the bombing of what were, in their view, civilian targets, lying down. They wanted to show that British civilian television targets were just as vulnerable as Serbian.

Blair argued at the time that the RTS TV station in Belgrade was a key part of Serbian military operations and was effectively a disseminator of Serbian propaganda. He may have been right. But if Dando had been killed by the Serbs in revenge for Blair’s role in the bombing of the RTS station, it would explain why the Police might have been instructed to frame Barry George, to protect Blair from potential criticism.

Look at the dates –

The RTS Belgrade bombing – April 23rd 1999

Dando’s killing – April 26th 1999

George’s QC, defending him at his first trial thought that Dando’s killing was likely to have been ordered by Serbian military, as that was reported by military intelligence as follows –

From Timesonline –

One of the most dramatic theories emerged in court at the first trial when George’s barrister, Michael Mansfield, QC, revealed a plot that included Radovan Karadzic and his enforcer Arkan.

They produced a National Criminal Intelligence Service report suggesting a hitman was following the orders of Arkan, the Serbian warlord, who wanted retaliation for the Nato bombing of a television station in Belgrade. Miss Dando was also thought to have angered some Serbs after she presented a programme raising money to help Kosovan orphans in 1998. She even received hate mail about the broadcast.

The fact she had been forced to her knees and executed with a crimped bullet, a device that can prevent blood splashing on the gunman, suggested the work of a professional hitman.

If the National Intelligence Criminal Service was right, then Dando was a casualty of Blair’s Kosovo Crusade, and George’s imprisonment was the price of keeping that fact quiet.

The biggest casualty of Blair and his use of the media has been the complete collapse of trust in government in Britain, which took place during the Blair years. ‘Spin’ ruled while truth died. It has yet to recover.

The release of Barry George, and the realisation of the wrongfulness of his conviction is a start. But until the full story of Blair and his lies gets told openly, and people in Britain realise how much they are being lied to and deceived on a day-to-day basis, there will not be any serious recovery.

UPDATE – See a very detailed Guardian article from 2002 explaining the full story of the Serbian ‘possibility’ HERE

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12 Responses to “Did Blair Order Jill Dando Cover-Up?”

  1. David says:

    Interesting post, Tapestry. But I just cannot buy it. How come we have not heard anything about this from the Serbian side, not even a rumour (in a part of the world that thrives on rumour and speculation!). It would have been a massive propaganda coup for whoever carried it out, official or unofficial. After all, at home, even the most ardent anti-Milosovic activist was pissed off with being bombed night after night by NATO. Here, it would have competely shattered the complacency of the British people (ie we can throw all we have at them, but they can’t touch us), and it would have sent a huge chill down the corridors of the BBC and ITN. But no, not a sausage. OK, maybe it was a little assasination between friends (a little warning to Tony from Slobodan), or maybe our side did it in the hope of discrediting the Serbs, but either way, the evidence is thin to say the least. Anyway, glad you raised this. And keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But I’m not sure you countered the arguement there David, even if the Serbs hadn’t done it, if it would be a “massive propaganda coup” they could have claimed to have done it.
    Seems to me likely that if they had done it they wouldn’t want it well known initially incase they increased public support for the demonizing of the Serbs that was going on.

    I don’t know who killed her but I don’t believe it was Barry George, Maybe its possible there was a Serb connection but also working on crimewatch she could have upset a lot of unfriendly people.

    Definately something fishy went on with David Kelly, is there any chance we could find out more about that if there was a change in government or something?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Also consider the possibility that Dando was shot by an Albanian hit-man out to discredit the Serbs. Hence the need for a cover-up (after all, according to the Blair narrative, the sun shines out of Albanian arses), and the fitting-up of poor Barry George.

  4. tapestry says:

    No East European assassination has ever been claimed IRA-style in 60 years. See Guardian article at the end of the post.

  5. njziol says:

    So, why did the Albanians keep quiet about it, if they were out to frame the Serbs? They would have planted evidence which would have pointed to Belgrade!

    Is it the sort of thing that the Serbs would have gone public about?
    If they had done it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Serbian involvement would have been seized upon by the Blair-Clinton clique, and their media acolytes, to further demonise the “evil enemy”, and would have been used as pretext for a catastrophic escalation of the war. Albanian involvement, in an attempt to discredit the Serbs, would have to be covered-up, as it would have been at odds with the narrative being used to justify the conflict. This might involve the framing of an innocent man, and the planting of rather weak articles in newspapers dependent upon government advertising.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Serbians are responsible for Jill Dando’s death, I suspect the media already know this, probably not in as much detail as I myself have the misfortune to be privy (the times, news of the world and I suspect members of the BBC, are probably aware as all have been reluctant to respond to or even show interest when credible information has been offered (at great risk to myself!).
    Unfortunately not only do the Government know it was the Serbs; they can name one of the Serbs directly involved.
    In a nutshell,
    Because the British Intelligence Service considers a known Serbian to be a valuable asset to the UK for specific reasons, he is afforded the protection of a public immunity order (basically making him immune from criminal prosecution in the UK)
    In my view the Serbian man has abused his protected status, by being directly involved in the brutal demise of Jill Dando, if he is prepared to kill British citizens, non combatants in the name of another country namely Serbia, he should be offered up for prosecution regardless of his use to our intelligence services!
    A credible warning was made prior to Jill’s murder, resulting in the former director general of the BBC, Mr Tony Hall, being placed under Police protection.

    Unfortunately I know why, the name of one of the men directly involved, where they celebrated mission success (Jill’s Murder) Along with other relevant information which to the best of my knowledge the general public is not aware.
    My prior attempt of putting the relevant information on the net has resulted in the website involved being irreversibly corrupted!
    Ever since I have tried to leak the truth, my static IP address now resides in Lambeth London, strange considering my ISP is Sheffield based Plusnet, and I live in Sheffield, not too far from their servers!
    My dilemma now is that although the media are screaming out for information on Jill’s murder, when offered the information they don’t actually want to know.
    I just hope one day that someone with the power to expose the truth and get justice for Jill will grow a pair of balls and do so.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Only just seen this series of posts. Follow a line of questioning, .. and “let’s see if it’s true..” .. look at http://tonyblairandjilldando.blogspot.com/

    ..not so hard if you think about it

  9. Anonymous says:

    I still think that it was contract killing.Paid by the Serbs,carried out by,say IRA…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who ever killed Dando was aware of her movements for that day and knew her, there was article of news saying a relative would be visiting her at Gowan Avenue that day who had shared a property with Dando.Also angle of shooting would make the killer left handed as the bullet enterd the left side of her head as her head was forced down to floor of porch.Barry George appears to be right handed.

  11. peter martin says:

    Britain has its own assasination dept. Go to my blog: ciaandbritainssecretdeathsquads
    Type that into top bar on screen.

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