Blogging Takes Back Seat

Not much writing this week as I’m selling various properties and renting out another which makes me very busy just for once. Luckily after so much medical help these last two years, my nervous system seems able to take a bit of stress, and I have to say I really enjoy being busy once again after living a half life as a blogger for just over two years. I stopped real work with heart troubles on February 9th 2005, aged 50.

I find the real estate market in the rural areas is still pretty lively given that so much gloom and doom is preached, but prices in London have slid down a lot in a year, where I am renting and not selling.

The £ is falling quickly so I cannot buy as much foreign currency as I expected, and gold too is falling fast this month. My advisers tell me that the forward sellers have paused on gold for a while and that it should find a floor and shoot back up at some point.

With the recession biting in trading and manufacturing business, the next two years will decide for many people what they must do to survive into the future. My company is migrating to a worldwide internet based sales strategy.

I am moving a few assets overseas away from sterling into Asia where the economies have as lot of catching up to do, and there are many interesting business and investment opportunities.

With so much of my thinking going into clearing out houses and flats and seeing lawyers and accountants, blogging is taking a back seat. But I’m enjoying it!

Next week I hope to meet Richard North for the first time. We have spoken many times by phone, but it will be interesting to meet him face to face.

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