Will These Two Bury Lisbon?

Ireland has stood firm against the Lisbon Treaty, against the expectations of the EU. The battle is on to somehow obtain a ‘solution’ to the Irish problem, either a second referendum with a different result (unlikely), or an all-Party Parliamentary ratification (unlikely) or some kind of legal stitch-up (very possible). But that assumes that all the other 26 countries will ratify the Treaty.

Germany has yet to ratify. So too Italy and the Czech Republic. Britain though which has formally ratified might yet pull some surprises, and as far as the EU is concerned, make the Irish problem appear as a minor setback in comparison.

The EU’s problem in Britain is the collapsing Gordon Brown regime. The EU and the media are trying to push the eurofanatical Foreign Secretary David Miliband to the fore, so that, should Brown be felled by his own MPs for prospective electoral failure, they can quickly slot in another euroclone in his place.

Behind Miliband is the Harman bandwagon which is also trying to roll, and she too would happily maintain Britain’s Lisbon sell-out, and so she might yet be a useful possible option for an EU desperate to stop Britain slipping away from its grasp.

The question is, though, who will Labour MPs back for the leadership?

The media gives no space to any other options apart from Harman and Miliband but there is another faction within the Party, often referred to as the old left i.e. not part of the New Labour marketing effort which spawned Blair and Brown. If anyone from this wing of the Party were to get into the driving seat, there would be serious trouble for the EU in its efforts to close down opposition to their Treaty, which grants the EU the power of statehood over and above all the nations of Europe.

One pairing from this part of the Labour Party being mentioned is John Cruddas and John McDonnell. Cruddas and McDonnell both voted in favour of the Lisbon referendum, rebelling against Gordon Brown. If these two were to launch a successful bid amongst Labour MPs to be considered as possible leaders, the Lisbon Treaty would start to look very wobbly indeed.

See Cruddas’ article written for Compass against the Lisbon Treaty HERE. Cruddas stood in the deputy leadership contest which Brown rigged to allow Harriet Harman to win, thinking she would present the least threat to his fragile leadership. She is now a threat to Brown, but no threat to the EU. It is McDonnell and Cruddas who would return the Labour Party to its origins and, in the process, change the course of history in Britain and in Europe.

Pictured – Cruddas above. McDonnell below. Cruddas would make the more likely leader, it has to be said.

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  1. “It is McDonnell and Cruddas who would return the Labour Party to its origins and, in the process, change the course of history in Britain and in Europe.”

    As long as the “ex”-communists in the cabinet remain where they are, labour will never go back to the way it was.

    Theres a political vacuum opening up, labour has abandoned the working class and i believe they’re finished for a generation.

    The question is who is going to fill the void? The Greens are ridiculous, any party could adopt their policies, UKIP are finished now their backers have realised they were an establishment setup vote splitter, who’re left? ohh surely not the nasty waycist BNP….

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