UFOs Go Mainstream

Following on from scientist and NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell admitting on Kerrang Radio that he was convinced that aliens were regularly visiting Planet earth, the worldwide feeling is that governments are beginning to open their files, and admit what they know. The above video, for example shows the interview with another famous astronaut, Buzz Alldrin who claims he saw a UFO during Apollo 11’s mission, but the story was suppressed at the time.

The reason the stories are being released now could be that over 70% of Americans are already convinced by reports from various sources that aliens do exist and that many UFO stories have credibility. Another unmentioned factor is that the use of the internet, with Youtube videos and other digital media, is accelerating the dissemination of information that was previously easy to keep secret. It is getting harder for governments to deceive their electorates.

The same influence could be having an impact on the attempt by the EU to deceive the whole of Europe about its intentions with the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish referendum might have gone to YES in the pre-internet age, for example. Governments could not long ago control all media and practise deceptions such as the pre-Iraq War intelligence on WMD. The UFO unfreezing of past government deceptions is another sign that the world is not the same any more.

In the last five years, information is open to all, and no one can hide much for long any more. Maybe in time, the standard of people working in government will rise to meet the expectations of the millions who have to suffer from their corruption and incompetence. The coming of the Little Green Men could herald in a new democratic age, where truth is at a premium over spin. I mean, what would Blair have done sharing the limelight with aliens? The old pre-internet world itself already seems quite alien.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On Larry King live Buzz says he thinks the thing they saw was a part of the rocket.

  2. tapestry says:

    On traditional media Buzz plays the old game. Why should he be ridiculed and put on the spot by Larry King? But in a sympathetic and open-minded interview he told a different story. Watch the video.

  3. TDK says:

    Given the alternatives I’m inclined to think UFOs are nonsense conconcted by the government to distract us from Lisbon more than the other way round.

  4. tapestry says:

    Governments concocting stories about creatures from outer space to distract people from their political machinations and seizing of power in Europe?

    UFO stories go back 60 years.

  5. kerdasi amaq says:

    So, they can still raise the issue from time to time, to distract people from anything they want.

  6. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    All the worrying issues on tonight, 6th june 2015 Tapblog new posts. I read them all. Encouraging about Andy Burnham what change of strategy. But many things about the NWO, and colemanexperience type topics, could upset me a lot if let them.
    Instead, I realise, this whole shower of shit, the issues in our faces, will be blown away with the coming SSP Disclosure, the |Elites cabal wont be able to manage the situation. Add to that the explosive brewing 911 truths. We are in for a bit of a turnbulent time, but were all going to be ok.
    ive tried to keep this short Tap

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