Truckies Cheer Up. Use Hydrogen NOW!

Truckies are getting fed up. Their costs are rising so fast that they are running out of cash and cannot make a living. Diesel in the UK is the most expensive in the world at $10 a gallon (In the US they complain about $3 a gallon!). Can you blame them for getting political?

But hang on. There is another approach. Truckies can stop using diesel and convert their fuel input to water – or at least hydrogen extracted from water.

Read the testimonial from a trucker using a cheap to install water to hydrogen system here on

And then wonder why no one in the car industry has decided to use hydrogen as the sole source of fuel for vehicles, produced on board in this simple way. The world’s oil bill would fall to zero if this happened. The countries that live on oil would be forced to give up their subsidising of terror organisations, and we could all breathe clean air. Come to that Prime Minister Putin of Russia might be a little less irritating too, with his oil dollars falling to zilch.

Find one politician with zero oil as his platform. The big companies tell us that the hydrogen economy is 25 years away. They’re wrong. It’s here now, and big business and big government don’t like it. They’ve prepared to tax people into oblivion for polluting the environment (UK’s Chancellor of Exchequer Darling is taxing vehicles based on their pollution – Vehicle Excise Duty). This gets rid of the pollution and their income stream.

Don’t bother lobbying politicians who are not even listening. Just convert to water. Deprive governments of their tax receipts, and then sit back and wait for them to come to you.

Will they tax water? I don’t think so.

They’ll increase road pricing once they’ve worked out how to do it, but it’ll take them another 25 years to get the sytems right. Meantime people can escape the clutches of big government with a cheap and simple water to hydrogen converter under the hood.

The revolution is here!!

From WIKI – Brown’s Gas (“HHO”) – Clean, Cheap, and Suppressed Energy ( – Water can be cheaply disassociated into Brown’s Gas / HHO gas (monatomic and diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen) using efficient electrolyzing techniques which require very little power to operate, or sophistication to build. (OpEdNews; Apr. 18. 2008)


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7 Responses to “Truckies Cheer Up. Use Hydrogen NOW!”

  1. rz says:

    Apart from the conspiracy minded worldview what you write here is interesting.

    However, there is one major thing I do not understand with this technology. The goal is obviously to use Electricity produced by the motor to split water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, and then use the Hydrogen to drive again the motor and additionally you use gasoline.

    Obviously this is an energetically closed cycle where the only energy source is the gasoline (as long as you do not deplete your battery). Now it might be possible to transfer some energy of the gasoline into the hydrogen and by effectively changing the mixture of your fuel, by adding this hydrogen, to increase the total efficiency of your motor.

    But considering the fact that the production of Hydrogen by Hydrolysis is in itself extremely inefficient (50-60%) this seems all very unlikely to me.

    Now maybe it works by effectively depleting your battery, which would explain where the additional energy comes from, then you would have to recharge your battery no and then, creating a self made plug in hybrid. But if this is not the case I would believe that it can only work for old inefficient motors.

  2. ScotsToryB says:

    Hello again,

    How the company makes money:

    The man who knows he ‘can’t fit one gallon of gas into a 1 cup measuring cup’:

    Hope that helps.


  3. tapestry says:

    The process was invented in 1895 by a Mr Brown.

    It works.

    It increases mileage from gas and diesel by 25-30% or so. Why be so sceptical or negative?

    Hydrogen can be produced from water with low tech equipemnt. You are not allowed to know.

  4. rz says:

    “Hydrogen can be produced from water with low tech equipment. You are not allowed to know.”

    Take of the tinfoil hat for a second. Everybody knows that Hydrogen can be easily produced from water. But what is the efficiency of your low tech equipment? 10%? Maybe 20%? Most likely not much more. High Tech Electrolysis makes it to 60 or 70%, that still sucks.

    “But hang on. There is another approach. Truckies can stop using diesel and convert their fuel input to water – or at least hydrogen extracted from water.”

    Here you imply that a Truck can run on Hydrogen produced by a motor that runs on this Hydrogen. A Perpetuum Mobile (of the first kind to be precise).

    You are falling for a scam.

  5. tapestry says:

    The facts are very simple. You put thgis thing under your hood. You get an extra 20-25% mileage from the same amount of gasoline or diesel.

    If you don’t believe this informastion, then that’s fine.

    But you cannot accept the information provided by the 20,000 drivers using this system (approx) and then say there is no energy gain.

    The Honda Hydrogen car is only permitted to be sold to buyers near a hydrogen filling station by the US Department Of Energy. The government has nothing to say about water being used a fuel. Wonder why.

    My conspiracy theories are correct. You could use water to heat your home, run your car and anything else. But you are not permitted to know this.

    That’s why you don’t believe the facts here presented. I repeat – water is a high energy fuel. You electrolyse the water, and then it releases hydrogen when exposed to bicarbonate of soda. Sorry if you cvannot take this in. I sympathise but you are wrong.

    Forget the hydrogen gas stations. That’s just the oil companies trying to keep a hold of the market. Water falls from the sky. It’s free. Governments will lose control of this very quickly.

  6. rz says:

    To end this discussion on a conciliatory note, let me say that I like your self help attitude when it comes to energy conservation. I 100% percent agree with your goal of getting rid of oil.

  7. graciela says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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