Smoking Bans? What About Mobile Phones?

Governments are going nuts about banning smoking in public places, to the point that Police in London were reported as asking smokers to move away from a crowd recently, while they were watching a military parade at Chelsea Barracks.

If governments are so certain they wish to interfere in peoples’ lives about smoking, taking it to such ridiculous lengths, it is curious that they don’t follow their health logic into other areas of public health concern. For example, what about the growing worries about the health risks of mobile phones?

To her credit, the French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot issued a warning against excessive mobile phone use by young people in January 2008. Calls, she said should be limited to a maximum of 6 minutes.

She was right to be concerned, according to top neurosurgeon, Vini Gautam Khurana PhD FRACS, who recently published a paper which follows 14 months of objective research that involved a critical review of over 100 international sources in recent medical and scientific literature, press reports and internet content.

Khurana concludes that a cancer link will be definitely proven within the next decade and has stated ‘it is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation, including very young children.’

A business connection of mine recently developed cancer in the side of her face, and is convinced the cause was her excessive use of her mobile phone. She now uses the phone on its loud speaker only, and protects herself from electromagnetic forces by placing magnetic tapes such as video tapes and cassette tapes around her desk, absorbing the forces from electronic equipment and lights, keeping them away from her body.

It should be noted that ‘studies showing mobile phones to be safe have been funded by the (mobile phone) industry’ (an anonymous comment from a magazine I was reading, said on this topic, which sounds highly plausible). See the LINK below to Life Extension Magazine which confirms this view.

I guess Gordon Brown won’t be saying anything about the risks of mobile phones, as he receives so many billions from their use – any more than he’ll be promoting the use of alternative fuels which bypass the taxes he collects on oil, such as home-made hydrogen or bio-fuel.

People are wrong to trust government and big business on any of these issues, and must start to take action independently. People who want to live healthy lives should cut down on mobile phone use as well as smoking – urgently. For a detailed analysis of mobile phone safety issues, see this from Life Extension Magazine.

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  1. The Huntsman says:

    Two colleagues of mine, the late Sir James Hunt and the late Sir Richard May both died recently from brain tumours. The former was ALWAYS on his mobile phone (he would have it clamped to his ear within a few seconds of leaving court). The latter spent many hours in court at The Hague with headphones on doing the Keraterm and Milosevic trials. I have since become very sparing in my use of the mobile phone to the point of terseness.

    TheArmy has strict instructions about close proximity to some types of radio aerial which can deliver unhealthy doses of radiation if one remains in close proximity for even quite a short time, so at least one government department has known of this potential risk for a long time: I remember when in the Signals Section of the CCF thirty five plus years ago being warned not to stay too close to the signals truckbecause of the risk of radiation burns.

    I suspect it is like everything: always and only in moderation.

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