Serb-Killer Dies Wearing NAZI Uniform

While Serbian Karadzic is hauled off to face trial at The Hague, accused of genocide, Croatians in turn are honouring Sakic, the World War 2 Ustase Concentration camp commander responsible for the deaths of a million Serbs. He died and was buried this week proudly wearing his full Nazi uniform, much approved by the Catholic Priest who conducted the burial.

The priest, named Lasic, seemed not to think his crimes worthy of any special mention while conducting his funeral. He is quoted as saying the following –

‘God has forgiven Sakic all that was not in sync with God’s law, if he did anything like that’

Lasic said that he was proud to have seen Sakic dressed in the WWII Ustasa uniform while in Dubrava hospital where he died.

More on this can be read at Serbianna.

Serbs were liquidated in vast numbers by Sakic, and also by the Moslem NAZI regiments based in Bosnia.

There seems to be an inequality in the various genocides. Serb Karadzic is regarded as guilty before being proven so, despite his denials, and has been paraded in front of the world’s media as a monster of evil, second only to Saddam Hussein. While Sakic has been allowed to live in peace in Croatia, surviving to a great age and to be honoured by his people, despite what appear to be the foulest of crimes imaginable.

Other peoples’ wars can be hard to understand, but if the West wishes to be seen as unbiassed and fair-minded in its condemnations, then surely the Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian perpetrators of genocide are getting an extremely light ride compared to the Serbs.

The Serbs have been by far the biggest victims of all the genocides in the Balkans, and are now also being cast as the greatest villains in 21st century media. I wonder if that is because they refused to buckle to NAZI power in the war, stood strong against NATO and now refuse to allow the EU to wrestle the province of Kosovo from their rightful ownership.

Something doesn’t seem quite right in the allocation of moral blame to me, when people who kill Serbs and are proud of doing so, are publicly proclaimed as heroes with no discernible criticism by the Western media, but Serbs who are alleged to kill in return, but who are not yet proven to to have done so, are condemned as villains. The above video tells the story of Sakic’s methods in bludgeoning Serbs, Jews and Gypsies to death in the hundreds of thousands.

It is worth remembering that the alleged Serb war criminal Mladic’s father was a partisan murdered by the Ustase in WW2. It doesn’t justify his actions at Srebrenica and elsewhere, but maybe it helps to explain how these actions came about.

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3 Responses to “Serb-Killer Dies Wearing NAZI Uniform”

  1. Craig says:

    The Serbs are the convenient media scapegoats of the modern age. Politicians and liberal columnists gush over the evils of Serb nationalism, but at the same time they’re studiously silent about the crimes of the Croats or Al Qaeda-linked Albanian terrorists…

    There will be no memorials to the Serb civilians killed by NATO in 1999, you can be sure of that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    well the serbs were the last Nazis of Europe cuz everyone know that they had started the wars not the others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, we all know that’s a vicious lie, Serbs never started any war, but fought against the oppression, mass murderers, nazis and their lackeys – the Croatian ustase.

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