Power Your Car On Hydrogen Now

My mate in Wales uses a small gadget attached to his car battery which manufactures hydrogen from water using electricity from the battery and bicarbonate of soda. He mixes it with the fuel by feeding it through the air filter which feeds the engine. It increases his mpg by 33%.

He has a 40 litre tank and gets an extra 120 miles per tank.

Again you have to ask yourself why such simple technologies are not ever mentioned by governments, the media and big companies. They all work and would save people thousands of pounds, and save the environment from greenhouse gases, let alone our lungs from poisonous fumes.

The truth is that politicians don’t want environmental problems to be solved – and certainly not by ordinary blokes. If global warming is solved, what would the EU have to talk about, for example? Nothing. That’s why they want these simple enviromental solutions kept out of the headlines.

Governments prefer to prevent the information form being generally known that hydrogen is easily useable by cars now – as it is – with no big investment.

Gordon Brown in Britain for example, wouldn’t be able to cope if petrol (gasoline) consumption fell by one third, which it would if every car was fixed up with this little gadget. He’s desperate to keep within the EU limits for government deficits – 3% of GDP – and with 70% of fuel prices being taxation, he needs every drop of petrol to be sold that he can get.

This is from the company’s website that supplies the hydrogen system – www.water4gas.com – which explains how the thing works.

1 quart/1 Litre of water (see photo) may last for MONTHS of driving (900 miles in my experience). How come? That’s because this small device forces each Gallon of water to expand into gigantic proportions: 1833 Gallons of combustible gas!!!

Here’s the best-kept secret the energy lords have been keeping from you about Hydrogen-On-Demand:

Will I be getting one of these things myself?

No. I don’t have a car any more, but my brother is getting one for his car.

But why stop there? If car companies built cars to run on hydrogen made from water, Saudi Arabia would be out of business.

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4 Responses to “Power Your Car On Hydrogen Now”

  1. Your friend is making things much worse off. Note the electricity. His car is running on coal. Considering electricity generation costs, transmission losses, the inefficiencies of electrolysis, etc., his total driving costs have gone up and he has added even more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The hydrogen economy is one of the great frauds, along with biofuels, sustainability, Scientology, the EU …

  2. tapestry says:

    yes scotstoryb there are not many carburretors around on new cars.

    But we were always told that the problem with hydrogen is the lack of supply.

    If this kitchen technology converts water to hydrogen, then cars don’t need gas (petrol) any more. They should be manufactured to run on hydrogen as a fuel.

    Fuel cells are not necessary even. This is really basic stuff, and it would put Saudi Arabia out of business.

    Why is this simple information as to how to produce hydrogen suppressed by the media, the government and the big companies?

    Why are we braething dirt every day when we could run our world on fresh air and water?

    Money. Power. Stupidity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The information isn’t suppressed, it takes energy to seperate the hydrogen from the water, as much energy as you get from the subsequent burn, so there is not a net gain.

    The process has been known since 1800.

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