Polish Cold Feet On Lisbon

The latest position on the Lisbon Treaty across the continent of Europe is hard to read. Ireland will be offered a series of sweeteners, and every attempt will be made to achieve another referendum, but with a different result to last time.

But will that be enough for Lisbon to pass into Law, were it to happen?

The problem for the EU is that the first Irish vote has persuaded a series of countries into moving their position away from ratification.

An article in The Telegraph shows that in Poland, even if Ireland is brought back on board, the Treaty will face growing difficulties as more Poles start to question whether they want to be subsumed into a centralised EU, restricting them as the Soviet Union used to do.

Will Poland become the new front line of eurposcepticism? The article is worth reading. Link HERE.


But with one brief comment, President Kaczynski has reignited a debate among ordinary Poles who are grateful for the prosperity the EU has brought and feel glad to be part of the family of European nations again after decades cut off behind the Iron Curtain, but also feel uneasy about what the political experiment they have signed up for will ultimately do to their hard-fought and treasured independence.

Miss Kotlarz is typical of a generation that is hungry for a better life. She remembers the shortages and restrictions from her childhood in the workers’ paradise, and she knows that joining the EU has brought Poles like her opportunities that her parents only dreamt of.

She worked in an aquarium in Cheshire to improve her English, and now looks forward to a bright future at home. Yet she feels unhappy with the way Poland’s establishment sees Europe.

“The media view is that everybody is pro-EU and if you are not, you are stupid,” she said. “I spoke to a friend of mine who is working in Ireland and she said it was exactly the same there. And yet the Irish rejected the treaty.”

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2 Responses to “Polish Cold Feet On Lisbon”

  1. BrianSJ says:

    A Polish diaspora. Interesting development.

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    Plan B(circumvent the French and Dutch NO votes by rebranding the Constitutional Treaty as the Lisbon Treaty and passing it off as something new) has failed. Now to Plan C browbeat the Irish Electorate into voting YES.

    I’m still voting NO, no matter what concessions are on the Table.

    NO to Traitors
    NO to Treason.

    The only thing I’d vote YES to, is for Ireland to leave the EU.

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