Mr Bean Turns To Tragedy

Tired of being portrayed as the totally selfish comic figure of Mr Bean, Gordon Brown has decided to pitch for another character for himself to be compared with. Commentators had started to refer to Brown as Heathcliff the tragic hero from Emily Bronte’s classic novel Wuthering Heights because he too is becoming a tragic figure, with his popularity ebbing ever further away, and the economy crashing down around his ears.

Now Brown, in a New Statesman interview, reported yesterday, surprisingly has said that he believes the comparison between Heathcliff and himself has validity.

Consistently 20% behind the Conservatives in all polls, Brown is convinced that his misfortune consists in being at the helm while the current economic difficulties are impacting on the world, none of which are his fault. As with Heathcliff, events have conspired to deal Brown an unlucky hand, with his competitors such as Tony Blair inheriting the titles, and winning the accolades, while he has to deal with all the leftovers, and suffer every humiliation in the process.

It is a seductive idea, that Brown, the unlucky member of the New labour family, rose from humble beginnings to be burned at his moment of his glory, unfairly tainted with failure.

IT’s rubbish. Only someone with a Mr Bean mentality could be attracted to a self-indulgent narrative of such self pity and ‘woe is me’. Bean is still the best parallel for Brown – the guy who never gets it right, yet somehow survives, dedicating himself to total selfishness, ignoring the views of all others. Each disaster is met with incredulity, combined with the ability to perform a miraculous escape from the consequences.

As a commenter wrote on Guido this morning, there’s no relation between Wuthering Heights and Brown at all, only Dithering Heights! Mr Bean it is, I’m afraid. Expect more car crashes to come, and epic volumes of self pity to go with them.


This is the second time in two days that the Labour leadership has turned to bloggers and writers to provide them with a narrative. Harriet Harman apparently replied to my blog post during PMQs yesterdaY – SEE post below.

I had written on PB that there would be a mass exodus if she became PM, jamming up Heathrow. When asked about he leadership ambitions by William Hague, she replied that there wouldn’t be enough airports for all the men who would want to leave the country, if she became leader. Some coincidence, methinks, as did Mike Smithson author of

And now Brown’s letting his story be written by others too. They are completely at a loss to find their own words, it seems.

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  1. Helen says:

    Two things:

    1. “Wuthering Heights” is by Emily Bronte, not Jane Austen. I can only assume that you have never read either.

    2. Your link to the Umbrella Blog is not working. Have you changed the url recently?

  2. tapestry says:

    Ooops. Thanks to 1.

    2. I’ll check it out. thanks X 2, Helen.

  3. tapestry says:

    No excuse but I’m undergoing medical treatment at the moment and don’t have much time or composure! Rushing is not good when blogging, but I am doing it as and when I can, right now. Takes my mind of the health troubles yer know!

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