British Media Obliges EU

People might be forgiven for imagining there is only one candidate to succeed Gordon Brown. Harriet Harman’s ego has been allowed a little free rein to claim its place in the sun as leader of the Labour Party, but in reality, if Gordon falls, the media has created a narrative that there is only one possible successor, and that is the Foreign Secretary who steered the Lisbon Treaty through the House of Commons, David Miliband.

There are over 300 Labour MPs, many with illustrious miniterial careers behind them, and many with a wide range of differing views about Britain’s future in the world. But the media selection of candidates is severely limited. There should be a clear instruction given out by the BBC, so that the people of Britain can understand what is going on.

Any leadership contest which occurs in the Labour Party will not be allowed to include even one eurosceptic or even moderate eurosceptic. All candidates will have to be full-on Europhiles with proven track record of EU sycophancy. Straw would make the grade, except he was Brown’s campaign manager and surely is accordingly tainted with failure. Harman is more entertainment than serious contender. Only Miliband will be chosen, if the media are able to control the Parliamentary Labour Party.

The Guardian and the BBC have only one person in mind – the safest most certain of all to not threaten even one word of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU’s next chosen golden boy – Miliband, Miliband, Miliband.

PICTURE – David Miliband receiving the accolades as the primary British EU traitor at Lisbon, where Brown felt unable to show his face.

UPDATE – See this video from ‘We Are Change Ireland’ about how the Lisbon Treaty was constructed and what it is all about – in reality – not in the way that Miliband has lied about it. HERE. The first three minutes is enough to get the picture…

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  1. oni spotter says:

    See, that backward L at the end of Lisboa, Put together with the other L, the look like demon horns.

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