Libertas Must Keep Fighting.

I’ve been following a comment thread on Finn Ralf Grahn’s pro-EU blog Grahnlaw, in which the pro-side are discussing the Lisbon Treaty amongst themselves. They are in particular attacking Libertas for not coming up with an alternative vision for Ireland’s future, claiming that Libertas arguments are all merely destructive. Also that Libertas has yet to update its website since the vote.

OK, this is not headline-making news, but arguing with europhiles in such blogs as Grahnlaw assists the development of anti-Lisbon arguments, arguments which could be essential for winning the next democratic battle over Europe’s future, coming presumably in Ireland in Spring 2009. This was my input on Grahnlaw from this morning, for what it is worth –

Political pressure or legal structures? – who cares? The end result is the same – you yield power.

Lisbon is about power, about who rules, not only whether the EU, having taken power from the nations, has the right vision or not about how to use it.

So far people have tended to use the word – sovereignty, or the phrase the ‘pooling of sovereignty’ to describe what the EU is all about. The phrase is not easily understandable by most people, and it disguises the real process, which is of power moving away from the nations, somewhere into a hugely complex organisation, which excels in the art of denial.

First the EU has to admit what its game is, and to justify it, to convince people that they must hand over the power to rule them. So far the EU has not done so, judging by its performance in the referenda that have taken place.

First you, the europhiles must admit that the EU is taking power, or your arguments about nice little details are just that, the minutiae. Say these words, please. ‘The EU wants to assume the power to rule’. Then we will all be a lot clearer about this is really all about. This is not the Eurovision Song Contest. It is about who will declare war against whom, and whose sons, brothers and fathers will be sent to die on the EU’s behalf.

Opponents to the Treaty, as in Ireland, can only resist in terms that mean something to the Irish people. If the EU does not even admit that it has military ambitions, and the desire to be all-powerful in Europe, if not the world, then how can Libertas start campaigning against the European Army, that will inevitably come into being as part of the new European Empire? (Of course Ireland will not be required to contribute initially.)

As the EU has not admitted what the over-arching gameplan consists of, opponents can hardly be expected to fight on that plane. Europe’s population is deliberately being kept in ignorance by the EU, as all peoples would vote against losing their identities and countries were they told that that is what this is really all about.

The message to ordinary voters from the likes of Libertas therefore has to be pitched at a more mundane level – ‘If you don’t like parts of the Lisbon deal, don’t buy into it’. They cannot fight the overview, as the overview is not provided. It is always simply denied.

If the EU was honest to the Irish and asked them openly to be community-spirited and give away their country, then the fightback from the likes of Libertas (there were many other organisations by the way) could directly address the key issue of nationhood versus EU membership. But that is not possible.

As it is, Libertas has to wait and see how the EU presents itself, before constructing counter-arguments. It is not possible to create a counter-argument to a subterfuge, against an organisation that says little or nothing about what it is really about.

And it is not Libertas after all that wishes to chnage the status quo, but the EU.

The Irish are right to be cautious. In my opinion they would be crazy to sign into Lisbon, as would Britain. We will have far better government outside the EU, where we can re-establish what have become, apart from Ireland (so far), sham national democracies.

The EU destroys national democracies, and replaces them with raw bureaucratic power. Peoples’ lives are greatly deteriorated by the EU as it has no connection to people.

It is a disaster, and needs bringing to an end just like the USSR which is the only parallel organisation you can find which pretended to be democratic, while destroying all real democracy and dictating to ordinary people as to how they must live, while accumulating military and all other power.

Make no mistake. Lisbon is not merely about fish, or farm prices, or about taxation, but about power. That is what needs to be explained to the Irish and all others in Europe, but so far has not been. This is about who will rule you. Is it sensible to grant power to anyone, when you can never get rid of them again?

Libertas should keep fighting, and broadcasting their message, and not allow the EU to manipulate the Irish people. The first referendum is over. Now they should be preparing for the second one.

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  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    ‘We have far better government outside the EU, where we can re-establish what have become, apart fom Ireland (so far), sham national democracies’

    Oh, the horror, the horror, instead of nodding through EU directives, our professional politicians will have to do some real work for a change! The horror!

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