Iain Dale Is Wasting Money

Iain Dale is wasting money, and needlessly polluting the environment. He is driving around in his new Audi on Britain’s roads without a water booster. Figures given on the www.waterboost.co.uk website, show that he could save himself a lot of money, and cut his emissions at the same time. If his desire to save money is not strong enough, then maybe his environmental conscience will get the btter of him, and persuade him to attach a water booste to his car.

But like most people in Britain he is either unaware, or sceptical about what adding water as a fuel can do to his car’s performance.

These are the figures for the AUdi 2.3E Coupe Petrol version (not Iain’s exact model)

Standard: 20 – 24mpg Water Boosted: 40 – 48mpg

PICTURES – Iain at Total Politics launch. And his first Audi Cabriolet, which had had only one previous lady owner, Princess Diana.

This is the explanation from the Water Boost website…………….

Water Boost has been carefully developed by the same team that created the Sonic Reflex Sound Therapy System and the Vapureyes. The Water Boost is manufactured by local engineering companies and then checked and assembled by ourselves to ensure the quality of every unit.

Hydrogen and Oxygen Injection

Hydrogen and Oxygen are generated, on demand, from water, using an electrolysis cell fitted to an alternator. The Hydrogen and Oxygen gas can be added to any internal combustion engine via the air inlet manifold, resulting in faster rates of initiation and subsequent propagation of flames across the whole combustion range.

The enhancement of flame initiation and subsequent flame propagation reduces the Ignition delay and combustion period in both spark ignition (eg. Petrol) and compression ignition (eg. Diesel) engines.

The chain reaction initiated by the Hydrogen and Oxygen will cause a simultaneous ignition of all the primary fuel. As it all ignites at once, no flame front can exist and without it there is no pressure wave to create knock.

Unburned hydrocarbons, CO and NO, in the exhaust are either eliminated or drastically reduced and at the same R.P.M. the engine produces more torque from less fuel.

The near absence of carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons confirms a very complete and much faster burn. Cooler exhaust temperatures show that more work is taken out during the power stroke. More torque from less fuel at the same engine speeds verifies that higher pressure from a faster burn, acting through a longer effective power stroke, produces more torque and thus more work from less fuel.

The enhanced fuel/air/hydrogen/oxygen mix burns upto 10 times faster however this rapid burn is so fast that the resulting power stroke and exhaust stroke will be much cooler, resulting in significantly less nitrous oxides (NOx)

Reducing hydrocarbons and CO causes a slight rise in the percentage of CO2 in the exhaust, but as less fuel is used, the actual quantity of CO2 produced is reduced by roughly the same ratio as the savings in fuel. In brief, noxious gas is almost eliminated and greenhouse gas is decreased in proportion to the reduction in fuel consumption.

The Water Boost System is also being tested as a suitable fuel source for many other industrial applications.

Test Vehicles – Water Power Test Results
Audi 2.3E Coupe – Petrol – Standard: 20 – 24mpg Water Boosted: 40 – 48mpg

Ford KA 1.3 – Petrol – Standard: 38 – 43mpg Water Boosted: 72 – 80mpg

N.B. Dyno Test Results and Official MOT Emmissions Data will be published here soon.

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I saw the stats about the Audi, and immediately thought of Iain, a well-known Audi lover. I wonder if he’ll now take an interest in this idea, which so far has received remarkably little attention from the political classes – or rather none at all.

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3 Responses to “Iain Dale Is Wasting Money”

  1. Iain Dale says:

    Listen, how do you expect someone who completely failed their Physics O Level to understand any of this!

    The day I put water into my Audi is the day I’m carried off to the funny farm.

  2. tapestry says:

    That’ll never happen. The funny farm, I mean. But within a year from now millions of people will be putting water into their cars.

    Chemistry I think you mean. Maybe you got a mark for that?

  3. Stephen Gash says:

    Are you sure you “completely” failed your Physics O level Iain and and not just failed it a little bit?

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