Generate Power From Water

I’ve been blogging about hydrogen being produced from water to fuel vehicles for two days, receiving a great deal of scepticism in the process. Just to keep the topic going – (if we can power the world with water now and not in 25 years time as big oil and big government would have it) there is great hope of solving many econ omic and environmental problems in my life time.

Here is another country -Korea – where power from water has also not gone unnoticed, where Brown’s Gas (a hydrogen from water process invented by Mr Brown in 1895) is being used to power an electricity generator. Water becomes hydrogen becomes electricity.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man this seems like an April fools joke, you cannot be serious with this, if so you are ruining your credibility as a serious blogger.

    Yes, hydrogen and oxygen can be seperated from water, this is a 200 year old knowledge nothing new about it.
    But the energy needed to get hydrogen this way requires a large input of energy into the electrolyzer, more energy than you would be able to get from burning the resultant hydrogen so it would be an net energy loss.
    Power companies have a lot of excess power at night when not many people are using electricity so some may use that excess power for industrial processes like this to get something useful back, but its not producing any extra energy.

    There are other ways to get hydrogen out of water as well, such as dropping aluminium in it which can cause a reaction creating aluminium oxide and hydrogen. This is being researched at the moment, but the aluminium oxide would need to be recycled which would inturn need a powerstation.

    Hydrogen is not an energy source, you need to use energy to get it and that energy has to come from somewhere.

  2. tapestry says:

    I never knew I was a serious blogger!

    If this process adds energy in a car or a truck or in a power generator, it is not energy neutral.

    All energy production requires energy. But there has to be a net gain or no one ould waste their time. This process is remarkably efficient, and is not being used as it has been suppressed.

    It is cheap and easy to produce hydrogen in this way. The oil companies and the government are terrified.

    See all their adverts trying to say they are researching new energy sources, or are reducing energy consumption. They never once say the word hydrogen or water.

    You believe their propaganda. I don’t. This is a tchnology which doesn’t need centrally produced and distributed energy. People can do it at home.

  3. tapestry says:

    There are a lot of hoodlums out there trying to con investors and making false claims, but when the neighbours are driving around using water as a fuel, it’s time to take note. It was my brother getting one of these things that brought my attention to it.

    I’m sorry about the first law of thermodynamics, but the system for powering cars works, and it costs £130 installed.

  4. Mother's Little Helper says:

    Isn’t the point that although energy cannot be added, a power generator can become more efficient in converting from potential to kinetic. In other words, you can make better use of what you have to start with. Please let me know where I can buy the kit for £130!

  5. tapestry says:

    send me an email and i’ll forward the name of the supplier and his contact details. He’s called Mike.

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