Ganley Launches Libertas Around The EU

Libertas has at last decided on its next steps after the Irish Referendum. Ganley is launching Libertas as a trans-EU single issue campaigning organisation, putting up 400 candidates across 26 EU countries, where voters can elect MEPs committed to rejecting the Lisbon Treaty in the European Parliament.

The choice facing voters in Britain will not be untypical of the situation in other EU countries. There are parties already committed to quitting the EU standing for election to the European Parliament, notably UKIP and the BNP, while Libertas states that it supports the continuation of the European Union. This could all be a little confusing.

Libertas should maybe take bolder steps, and declare more policies, as to what kind of EU it envisages will replace the ‘superstate’ vision of the Lisbon Treaty. Maybe that will come along as a result of operating on a wider scale across the EU.

Going trans-national seems to me like a high risk strategy, which could undermine the appeal of Libertas in Ireland, where the Treaty might yet founder. But then Libertas could easily be outmanoeuvred if it stood still, and be portrayed as a negative force of narrow-mindedness or backwardness for Irish politics. By launching onto the European stage, the self-assumed superiority of the EU elite can be more successfully challenged, and put in its place.

On balance, Ganley has got it right.


See Telegraph on Libertas’ plans HERE

Also, Sinn Fein tells Sarkozy that Ireland will not vote again. See HERE. It seems that the race to lead the growing eurosceptic movement in Ireland is on. The Labour leader is also refusing to meet Sarkozy, although his motives are doubted on The Connolly Column.

26th July 2008 UPDATE – Declan Ganley interviewed by TOTAL POLITICS

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  1. Grahnlaw says:


    I agree with you that Libertas has to come out with much more on the policy front. The European Parliament is elected for a five year period of legislation on a host of issues (which, incidentally, do not include treaty amendments).

  2. rz says:

    “It seems that the race to lead the growing eurosceptic movement in Ireland is on.”

    Well, Sinn Fein and groups surrounding Libertas have a very different oulook on the world. Sinn Fein is quasi-communist party (mixed with nationalism) where Lbertas is more a classical liberal. Therefore I don’t think they are in a direct competition.

  3. JD says:

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    Happy New Year!

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