EU Balkan Mess Just Got Messier

The EU has got its way in Belgrade, kind of, in that a government has finally emerged from coalition negotiations, which is pressing on with Serbia’s application to join the EU. The pro-EU alliance has won the day, it appears on the surface. What is rarely mentioned, however, is that this outcome was achieved at a fairly serious cost, in that, in order to get the Socialists on board with Tadic’s Party, the EU had to drop its previous insistence that Serbia would have to recognise Kosovo, as part of its accession deal to the EU.

This climbdown came as the Irish voted against Lisbon in their referendum, as the use of Qualified Majority Voting to advance the EU’s programme in Serbia was no longer going to be even retrospectively legal. There is a significant minority of European countries that are dead against recognising Kosovo, of which Spain is the most vocal and active in rallying opposition, notably using her influence in South America to block recognition moves.

As a result, the EU now has two governments in Serbia, but each with a different view as to where national boundaries begin and end. What a muddle. Serbia will not recognise Kosovo full stop, and now that Kosovo is issuing passports, Serbia is making it clear that these will not be recognised.

Communication links from Kosovo travel predominantly through Serbia, so Kosovans are going to be trapped inside their new ‘country’ and only able to move to other places in the world using their new passport through complicated travelling arrangements. Even then they will only be able to travel to the 40 out of 200 possible countries that have recognised Kosovo.

Is it any wonder that more politicians are speaking out across the EU to say that the recognition of Kosovo was bad mistake, including Monica Knoche from the German Parliament last week?

The instability now created between the Serbs and the Moslems in Kosovo is having knock-on effects, with the Bosnian Moslem leader demanding that a new war against the Serbs be commenced. See HERE. The region will no doubt have a very different look to it, if troubles break out again. The EU has not helped the situation one bit, by taking sides against the Serbs, who should really be the EU’s and America’s natural allies. If this is the kind of thing to be expected from EU foreign initiatives, then the Irish would do well to repeat their vote which felled the Lisbon Treaty, and prevent the EU from creating any more muddles in dangerous parts of the world.

UPDATE – Serbian Foreign Minister says that the Serbia/Kosovo talks broke down because of Western bias. Now the situation is not approved by either side to the dispute over Kosovo. See HERE.

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