Did Harriet Harman Read And Reply To My Lines?

Mike Smithson of Political Betting thinks that Harriet Harman read my comment on his post about Harriet Harman being rumoured as interested in becoming the next Labour leader and Prime Minister.

Not only that she read it, but that she replied to it, in effect when William Hague tried to flush out a comment from her on her leadership ambitions, during Parliamentary Question Time.

See Mike Smithson’s post HERE where he has a video available to watch of Harriet Harman speaking.


Some commentators are suggesting that Harriet Harman made a gaffe in her final reply to William Hague at PMQs when in response to a suggestion that she might become PM replied: “It wouldn’t be possible because there aren’t enough airports in the country for all the men who would want to flee…”

Watch the exchange yourself by clicking on the picture above.

I wonder whether the idea for her comment came from the first contribution on the last thread from Tapestry posted at 5.49 am. It would not be surprising if she herself or one of the team had read over what was written and the first comment contains the central idea for Harman’s response.

He wrote:- “I can see the headlines.

London A ghost town, as whites emigrate.

Highly taxed companies rush to leave Britain.

Heathrow unable to cope with rush.

Stock market hits all-time low as Harman raises taxes on investors.

2 Million More To Leave Britain.

USA To Take In British Refugees.”

Mike Smithson

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