Brown’s Gas Sceptics Take Note

Researchers at the Massachussets Institute Of Technology found that giving an internal combustion engine a hydrogen boost added 30% to mpg of a car in early 2006. See article HERE.

The Brown’s Gas way to supply the car engine with hydrogen was also developed in 2006. It has been sold and used for two years. Once the capital cost is paid, the fuel to make the hydrogen is free – H2o.

Ridicule away.

And then go and read the evidence. You will be the ones to feel foolish afterwards.

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2 Responses to “Brown’s Gas Sceptics Take Note”

  1. alan143 says:

    I followed the link. Their result is entirely predictable and unimportant.

    The problem is that you think hydrogen generated by electrolysis is amazingly “cheap”. No it isn’t. The Water4gas gadget is essentially mimicking a hybrid car’s principles in a low-cost, inefficient way.

    Modern car design is already well beyond this stage.

  2. tapestry says:

    Modern car design is ahead of home made systems. But hydrogen cars are not available. Hydrogen gas stations are not in existence. This is available to use now, and can save you money next week.

    Also if you can create power from water this easily, there will be follow-up applications…such as heat your home, make electricity without any need for power companies, oil companies, gas companies etc.

    There could be a lot of home made energy supply about to break out.

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