Failure Is The New Taboo

Matthew Parris writing in The Spectator this week says –

I blame those who worked with Brown, knew what he was really like, but stayed silent

Around this phrase, he constructs a long article in which he purports to explain that no journalist such as the fanatical Gordon Brown fans, Freedland or Toynbee, or any Labour MP could be blamed for Brown’s appointment as Labour leader.

In saying this he ignores the clear warnings given by Blair, Miliband, Charles Clark and others, and the fact that opinion polls indicated clearly that Brown was not ‘rated’ by ordinary people as leadership material.

If Parris wants to exonerate the political classes from blame for putting Brown in place, rather than facing up to their responsibility for the mess they have caused, then the public should in turn be determined to further ignore the outpourrings of the commentariat, including Parris himself, and show even less respect to Labour MPs. They are (nearly) all clearly useless and have no judgement.

Conservative bloggers ran a campaign ‘Brown 4 Leader’ for some months. It seems that the only people who were unable to foresee the disaster that Brown was to become were the very writers in the media, and Labour MPs that Parris is running to provide shelter for now. Although he himself did have reservations about Brown at the time, he is now setting himself up as an apologist for his buddies in the media who didn’t.

Can Parris explain why we should have to bother listening to him and all his media colleagues any further? Is it not time they learned a little respect for the groundswell of popular opinion which was telling all of them that Brown was a dud in the making. Why didn’t they listen to what people were telling them, is what should be being asked?

A little humble pie from the commentators and Labour MPs about inflicting Brown on Britain? Unlikely. The lesson is that when it comes to the big issues, bloggers are more use, and have more judgement than journalists and the self-interested members of the political class who are addicted to their own careers more than with any connection to the truth.

Throw down your Economist, your Times and Daily Mail and click onto Guido, Dale, Eureferendum and Political Betting. Thereby you can save yourself a lot of bother, reading or viewing a whole pile of self-interested hooey. I cannot see Parris telling you to do that somehow. He prefers to hold an appeal for his friends not to be lynched, by denying and justifying their sins. I guess he needs tomorrow’s pay cheque after all.

See Parris’ get-out-of-jail-for-journalists-plea from the SpectatorHERE.

And compare that with his earlier prescient judgement about the unsuitablity of Gordon Brown to become Prime Minister – HERE.

Matthew is putting his friendships before his judgement, and losing credibility by doing so. If he wishes to be respected as a purveyor of the truth, he has to accept that failure is failure, even amongst his friends. He should perhaps form a club with Iain Dale, another modern-day commentator who cannot face up to the harshness of political realities when they affect his friends (although his political judgement otherwise is pretty sound)- as with Derek Conway for example, and other politicians caught out claiming expenses outside the rules.

It’s the modern disease. Failure like death is the new taboo. The result is that we have to tolerate being governed by half-wits, and lectured to by commentators who have no idea about the realities of life. When they fail and fail so transparently to do their jobs, as they are doing, they should be slung out, not sympathised with, and re-hired by their employers for another ten year term. The ultimate symbol of ‘failure must be tolerated’ is the Prime Minister himself, and the person who tolerated him until he became the Patron Saint of ‘Poor Me’ Politics was the previous Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is the real culprit.

The price of success unfortunately is blood on the carpet for the also-rans. If Parris wishes to maintain his credibility and not join his colleagues in the pit of their misjudgements and embarrassment, he needs to rediscover a sense of reality. It’s pathetic seeing him trying to hide and justify the failures of his friends. He has to admit that it was the Blair years that brought Brown and disaster on our heads, but of course Parris spent too many years acting the Blair sycophant to be able to recant now.

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