Typhoon ‘Frank’ Kills A Thousand People

Manila has been blasted by a typhoon for two days. It kocked out electric supplies at various points across the city, and also knocked out my internet access.

That’s as nothing when you think of the 1000 people dead or missing from the ferry that sank near Romblon yesterday. These tragedies are all too common in the Philippines and Indonesia, being archipelagos with thousands of islands apiece. I saw the ferry that sank at Romblon, in April last year. How such a huge ship can be destroyed gives you some idea of how strong the winds must have been.

As for the internet and blogging, I’m quitting my condo today and flying to the UK tomorrow. I’ll be leaving my 8 month old son and his mum behind, which will be quite a wrench. Mum’s busy studying, and will be going to Hong Kong to see the fashion business there next month.

But business requires a trip back, not to mention seeing my parents.

I also hope to see Richard North of Eureferendum while over there.

Meanwhile I post a video of me and baby Charlie. It’s all ‘dadadadadadada’.

Sorry about the lack of politics. I will resume normal service on arrival in UK. Right now it’s travelling time.

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