Tories Are Top Team

The MSM are doing their best to present David Davis and David Cameron as at loggerheads with each other. It’s the narrative – ‘Tory splits are back!’.

The fact is that the MSM are quivering in fear as their two most cherished institutions, the EU and the Labour government, the two certainties of political life in Britain for the last decade, are both simultaneously getting close to their denouement. In desperation, the MSM are trying to put the cork back in the bottle, the genie back into the lamp, and look for security in some good old Tory bashing.

But this time it’s not working.

David Davis and David Cameron are not at loggerheads. They are very different characters and they work in very different ways. But they are wedded to the same objectives, the rebuilding of liberty and democracy in Britain, both of which have been decimated by years of encroachment by centralising uncaring bureaucratic state power.

Times are moving on, and the public’s views are changing. Coming out of the economic good times and into the bad times, people are suddenly finding their voices, looking more carefully at what’s going on in their backyards, and they don’t like what they see. The sap of rebellion is rising.

The joy at the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland is shared across the free world, and certainly across Britain. A glimmer of hope is felt that maybe the monolithic EU might not succeed in destroying the countries of Europe, forming them into an Orwellian nightmare of a superstate. Might Brown be forced at the eleventh hour into holding a referendum in Britain? It’s unlikely but his grip on power is weakening, and anything can happen if Brown is tripped up – as he nearly was over the 42 day detention issue last week, saved only by the votes of the DUP who were bought off.

The Lisbon Treaty is not only blocked in Ireland. It is also stuck in an unratified state in Italy where Berlusconi’s coalition partners The Northern League are demanding a referendum. And the Treaty is stuck in Germany too where President Horst Koehler will not sign it, as it is considered unconstitutional. He is not obliged to sign it anyway now that Ireland has rejected it, and his record in 2005 shows that he will now not do so.

Brown might ratify Lisbon through our Parliament but if it fails in three at least other countries, it is not going to be a legal basis for the EU anyway. By 2010 Lisbon will be last year’s compost, and the EU in a very different state. They can hold as many meetings as they like in Brussels, but the message of the rejection of those pompous and arrogant stooges, as rulers of our continent grows louder and louder. Barroso, Merkel, Sarkozy and Brown are living in denial.

What Cameron needs to do is specify a new relationship with the EU for Britain. As the current relationship is descending into chaos, he might as well wait and see what happens. He has said that ‘things (with the EU) cannot go on like this’, and that is enough, until he gets close to power, or secures it. There is no point in drawing down on his head the full fury of a europhile and EU-connected MSM.

The political map within Britain is also changing.

Labour MPs will surely jettison Brown. They nearly did last week over 42 days. It will only take 5 more rebels next time 42 days hits the Commons, when the measure has been rejected in the Lords and Brown too will be history.

A new Labour leader might even be a eurosceptic. In the wake of Lisbon collapsing, Labour might choose to get back to their roots as the eurosceptic party opposing the Conservatives signing away sovereignty, as did Thatcher and Major. It would be a hard sell after ten years with Blair and Brown also signing away Britain’s independence at every opportunity, but Labour MPs mindful of their re-election chances must be considering all options.

Frank Field and Gisela Stuart might find themselves as the natural leaders of the next manifestation of the Labour Party after Brown and Blair, not another New Labour re-tread like Milliband.

Cameron might be facing a very different scenario to today’s in a few months’ time. He is right to keep his options open and see how events unfold. It is pointless him committing all his energies to short term campaigns while the big picture is so volatile.

Anyway he currently has David Davis assuming the role of chief activist and executioner to stir up popular revulsion at the antics of the Brown regime. It’s a great team.

A week ago the MSM was saying that Cameron’s internal ‘excitement’ would be coming from another source entirely. Is politics in Britain getting to be interesting again? It’s about time.

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