Text Poll Says 85% Of Irish Are Against Lisbon

Ireland AM T.V. held a text poll on the Lisbon Treaty this morning, reports Paul O’Toole, writing on Indymedia – as follows –

In the lead up to the end of the media campaign which ends at midnight where all media must remain silent on the issue till after the results, Noel Dempsey and Patricia Mckenna went at it over breakfast tv.
A phone in poll by texting was run by the station in which after the morning debate at 8.30 the results were

9% Yes…..85% No…..6% Undecided…….

Keep up the good work…..its only a poll.

It looks like Brussels could have a big problem on its hands, coming from a little country where the light of democracy still shines.

See also todays Reuters –

BRUSSELS, June 11 (Reuters) – A senior Irish political and business leader said on Wednesday the prospects for Thursday’s referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty were “very fragile” and the scale of opposition was mystifying. Whole article HERE

The BBC think that it’s all down to Dustin The Turkey, Ireland’s entry in this year’s Eurovision song contest, with lyrics ‘Europe, where did it all go wrong?’ which inexplicably received very low votes from the rest of the Continent. Dustin really wasn’t taking the EU seriously enough, it seems. The NO campaign have been using Dustin as their mascot, saying ‘ Europe didn’t vote for Dustin. Now you can get them back by not voting for the Lisbon Treaty!

RECEIVED IN DUBLIN TODAY IN REPLY – Message from the capital of Belgium addressed to the People Of Ireland –

Now come on, Ireland, you’re letting the whole continent of Europe down, and it really isn’t good enough. You have got to start taking life more seriously on that little island of yours. That turkey entry to the great Eurovision Song Contest was absolument degoutant and not funny et oll. And s’il vous plait, no more referendum rejections. You are too small to matter to us anyway. Yours Sincerely, Brussels.

The signs are that the Treaty Of Lisbon is about to go down, and the future of the world will be completely changed, all due to a singing turkey called Dustin. Do watch the video. It is really very funny, unless your name is Barroso, Sarkozy, Merkel or Brown.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Vote NO

    Turkeys never get a vote on Christmas just like the rest of us poor souls in the EU don’t get a vote on this wretched “Treaty”

    I bet if Turkeys knew what Christmas was they wouldn’t vote for it, just as I hope the Irish don’t vote for this monstrosity either.

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