Stop The Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty should be stopped. Eurosceptics from all parties should unite to vote it down. The Telegraph writes as follows –

William Hague, the Conservative shadow foreign secretary, insisted that the British parliamentary ratification process must be stopped immediately.

“The Irish people have spoken and they have made clear that they do not want a Treaty that takes so many powers from the countries of Europe and gives it to distant institutions in Brussels,” he said.

“Despite all the threats that have been made they have had the courage to make their own decision. They deserve Europe’s admiration and congratulations.

The call was echoed by Labour MPs. Frank Field, a leading Labour opponent of the treaty, said the British process should stop at once.

He said: “The result speaks volumes. The people in the one country given a chance to vote have clearly rejected the Treaty. The Government must now withdraw its Bill ratifying the Treaty which should now be dead’.

Ian Davidson, another Labour opponent of the document said: “It is enormously significant that the only people who have had the chance to vote on the treaty have rejected it by a substantial margin. Now is the time for a period of reflection.”

The Lisbon Treaty (Constitution) has been rejected by referendums in France, Holland and now in Ireland. It’s time those fruitcakes in their castles in Brussels took it on board that nobody wants their goddam Empire. If British politicians won’t take the bull by the horns and stop Lisbon once and for all, then the British public should show their outrage at the removal of their liberties by supporting David Davis’ campaign to stop the 42 day detention Bill.

A strong showing of popular support for Davis could cause the Bill to fail when it returns to the Commons. As a consequence, Brown might be toppled and replaced with a Labour leader who is not sold out to Brussels. Somehow the government has to be stopped. All power to Davis’ elbow.

People from all sides of politics should come together over these issues, as they are doing – see THIS.

More in Telegraph about why the Treaty should be stopped – HERE

The Times is not so sure what will follow from here on, but Morland their cartoonist has no such doubt……

If the Treaty can indeed be sunk, more scenes such as this one taken in a Brussels pub will be seen across the continent of Europe, where no people of any European country desire an arrogant self-serving undemocratic bureaucratic empire to take over every aspect of their lives. Lisbon has to be stopped.

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