On Blog Leave

Apologies to regular readers, but the technical problems are being followed by a pause in blogging for personal reasons. I will be travelling back to the UK this month, and there are a number of loose ends to tie up here in Manila prior to travel.

I started blogging due to an unexplained illness which limited my scope and kept me housebound. After being treated by a London specialist in environmental health for two years now, I am, after a long course of treatment involving numerous therapies, some less pleasant than others, suddenly able to live at nearly full capacity again as of fairly recently. With blood pressure back to normal and so on, I can do things like swim for half an hour followed by a good gym work-out and have that feeling of physical well-being that was not achievable only a few months ago . It’s a mini-miracle that’s happened, and after over four years of troubles, it is more than I can resist to be out and about and more active again.

Being on the blog was a mental life-save for me throughout the last two years, but right now, sitting on the internet is not the only temptation for how to spend my time. But don’t worry, I will be back again soon, I’m sure.

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